Your Ultimate Guide For An Alaskan Fishing Trip

If you love to fish, there’s nothing better than planning a big trip that has the potential to let you have success with your rod and reel. While there are many great places in the United States where this is possible, few can match fishing in Alaska. With abundant wilderness settings and a seemingly endless array of different types of fish, you may find yourself having the experience of a lifetime. To make sure your Alaskan fishing trip is memorable for all the right reasons, here are some important tips to remember when planning your getaway to the great outdoors.

Plan in Advance

Once you start giving serious thought to an Alaskan fishing trip, you should begin planning for it several months in advance. Since the summer fishing season in Alaska is busier than almost anywhere else in the country, planning ahead will ensure you don’t suffer a last-minute disappointment.

Obtain Your Permit

Once you arrive in Alaska and get ready to catch some fish, you don’t want to remember that you failed to get your fishing permit beforehand. Therefore, make this a priority early on in the planning process. To get your permit, you can visit the website for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. In some cases where you have booked a charter, the company will pay for your permit and fees.

Decide What Types of Fish You Want to Catch

By knowing which types of fish you want to catch while on your Alaskan fishing trip, you’ll know whether you will be planning a trip for freshwater or saltwater fishing. For example, if you have your heart set on catching rainbow trout, you’ll be doing freshwater fishing. However, if you want to fish for salmon, you can do so in either freshwater or saltwater.

Select a Charter

While you might be able to have a great fishing trip on your own, you’ll do much better if you select a charter to use during your stay in Alaska. While you could select a day charter, you may also want to consider a travel lodge or even an Alaskan travel package that includes fly-fishing or deep-sea fishing.

Go as a Group

Along with having more fun on your Alaskan fishing trip, you’ll also save plenty of money if you book a group trip with family members and friends rather than go solo. Since many fishing lodges and charter companies offer group discounts and other amenities when you book a trip containing at least four people, this can result in savings of hundreds of dollars.

Arrange Transportation

While many people assume they will need a large van or four-wheel drive vehicle to get around during their fishing trip in Alaska, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, you can likely easily get anywhere you want to go by renting a standard passenger sedan. However, if you are planning on heading off to a remote part of the state, you may need to drive to a local airport and then hop on a plane, so make sure you’ve made arrangements for this if needed.

Pack Accordingly

Well before you leave for your trip, make a list of everything you expect to need during your trip. After all, you don’t want to arrive in Alaska and realize you came without a much-needed item. Therefore, give careful thought to your clothing for the trip. Along with packing hiking boots and tennis shoes, also have a lightweight raincoat to keep you dry. Also, since Alaska gets as much as 20 hours of sunshine per day during the summer, pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, and maybe some melatonin in case you have trouble sleeping when the sun is still shining.

Since many people consider an Alaskan fishing trip to be the excursion of a lifetime, take the time to plan down to the smallest of details. By doing so, you’re sure to land the big one.

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