USDR Seeks Prestige Property Photos from Realtors

US Daily Review is a national news website with a strong interest in lifestyle, which includes Real Estate and prestige properties in particular.  Our goal is to become one of the leading sources for such content around the  country.

We want your photos and stories about prestige properties, from all over the  countryluxury home 1

We love great photos of beautiful homes — with information about pricing, of course — because people love to learn about such properties and seek valuable information on purchasing  such.

So what is a prestige  property?

We know, prestige is relative.  It certainly isn’t based on price alone.  When considering what this means to USDR, several factors come to  mind:

  • A $1 million home in Houston, Texas can clearly be in the luxury space. Whereas a  $1 million home in San Francisco or New York City, can look like a starter  home.
  • Price is not the only factor.  We are looking for clever homes that capture the  imagination.
  • Not sure?  Email us at and ask if it meets our  criteria.

So who would want to participate in  this?

  • Realtors.  Obviously Realtors are going to benefit from a program such as  this.
  • Home owners.  For many, having one’s home in a prestigious news site like US Daily Review is a brilliant way to show off one’s home and, likely increase the value of the home, if recognized on a site like  it.
  • Photographers.  Many photographers have participated in providing photos.  It is a great way to build their own  portfolio.
  • SEO firms.  Many SEO firms work with Realtors.  They know about the weight of  USDR.

How does one  participate?

It is  easy:

  • Send photos about the home you want on the site.  1 to 3 is  ideal.
  • Provide proof of ownership of the photos or that you have the right to post the photo on our  site.
  • Write a brief post about the house of 100 to 400 words.  Including pricing if for sale, as well as who to  content.
  • Email the above to  Just put “Prestige property” in the subject  line.
  • The administration cost for participating is only $50, which can be easily arranged through PayPal.  This rate is exclusive to the Prestige Property  program.
  • The program, of course, is selective.  Not all homes will be chosen to  participate.

What is US Daily  Review?

  • The site started in 2011 and has over 13,000 articles and is  growing.
  • It is a top 1/10th of 1 percent performer according to
  • It is has a Domain Authority of over 40 and is a favorite of SEO  firms.

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