A New Paradigm in Metaphysics

By the Price of Business, Media Partner of US Daily  Review.

Special content for the Price of  Business. 

Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief of USDR hosts the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK on Bloomberg’s home in Houston.  Recently Price interviewed author Jade Yu, who is developing a new paradigm in  metaphysics.

Jade Yu is an artist, writer, and philosopher from California. Through her identity as an Asian American who never quite ‘fit in’ with the mainstream, she has created a unique world view with the ultimate goal of empowering others to achieve their highest potential every day. Infinite Potentiality Theory is her first foray into inspiring others to their best self.  Her book is published by Outskirts  Press.

She is he author of:

Igniting an East-West Globalizing Dialogue Volume I: Thus Spoke Chuang  Tzu

Here is that interview in its  entirety.

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