Congressman Jordan: Hillary Lied and Americans Died


The Benghazi Committee in the US House of Representatives have been searching for a “smoking gun” that shows intentional deception on the part of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  In a buildup of the events that took place during the Benghazi attack, which led to the death of 4 Americans, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sets the stage for Clinton to hang  herself.

In this exchange, Jordan shows that Clinton knew all along that the attack had nothing to do with a “video” that incited a riot.  Why did Clinton lie about the cause of the attack?  Jordan argues it is because of Obama being found responsible for a failed foreign  policy.  It was for pure political protection both of the President and her future political ambitions.  This is pretty impressive political  theater.

Clinton is known for having many political lives.  It will be interesting to see how she survives these latest revelations.

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