Small Businesses Have Been Asking for this Machine for Years: the Cube

By Cassida Corporation, Special for  USDR

Cassida Corporation today is introducing the Cassida Cube, a bill counter that automatically identifies denominations of mixed bills while it tracks both the count and value of bills run through  it.

“The Cube is an innovative mixed bill counter that automatically senses and determines the value of the money put into it,” said Matt Goldfain, product marketing manager for Cassida Corporation. “The Cube allows a cashier or cash handler to count a stack of bills and know immediately what the entire value of the stack is, broken down by  denominations.”

So named because if folds into a compact 6 inch by 6 inch by 7 inch rectangle, the Cube has the ability to count and sort stacks of mixed denomination bills. It can also count batches of bills, making quick work of setting up tills or bank  deposits.

“The Cube is the type of machine businesses have been asking us to make for years, and it’s finally here. Cash handlers want its time-saving features — it requires no facing or sorting of bills prior to counting,” Goldfain said. “Simply place bills in the hopper push a button and Cube determines the denomination of each bill, counting or sorting it as  required.”

An onscreen report shows the count of each denomination passed through the machine, as well as a value for each denomination and a grand total of the count. The report is printable and can be used to audit cash  transactions.

The Cube is AC-powered or runs off an included 12-volt lithium ion battery, assuring users can count whenever and where ever necessary. It is easily transportable at less than five pounds, making the Cube a welcome addition at events, trade shows, fairs or estate and sidewalk  sales.

“The Cube is a faster way for tellers, cashiers and office staff to count through stacks of money,” Goldfain noted. “And it has the added benefit of including state-of-the-art counterfeit detection capabilities, to assure users are taking only genuine  currency.”

“We are truly excited about the Cassida Cube. Our customers have been asking a counting machine like this for a long time. We are thrilled to deliver a machine that accurately and quickly counts through stacks of money with virtually no pre-sorting of bills necessary,” Goldfain added.
The Cube is available through finance and accounting service providers, and online retailers.

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