The Paleo Cardiologist: Prescribes Heart Nutrition for ADHD

By Frank J. Granett

The long term side effects of ADHD stimulant drug therapy in children are now known. The FDA warns that increased cardiovascular health risk is possible in patients, especially children, prescribed stimulant amphetamines to control ADHD symptoms. A complete list of ADHD stimulant drug side effects is available at The Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR) website. Recently on The Price of Business radio program, cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson D.O. discusses the importance of a paleo diet for the entire family to help reduce the symptoms of ADHD prior to premature drug therapy in young  children.

Dr. Wolfson advocates that many cases of ADHD may be treated with nutritional modifications as well as evidence based vitamin supplementation. Further, he contends in his new book, The Paleo Cardiologist, families can achieve healthy heart health as well as overall mind and body health by reducing wheat grains, sugars, environmental toxins and stress. Listen to The Price of ADHD Business health segment here, and learn why increasing antioxidants via healthy essential fats, colorful vegetables as well as physical activity may naturally reduce ADHD  symptoms.

Antioxidant nutritional supplementation is a critical ADHD intervention prior to premature stimulant amphetamine drug therapy. Additionally, comprehensive physiological, environmental and nutritional risk factor assessments provide insight toward the underlying cause of ADHD symptoms. Learn how to determine the underlying cause of ADHD symptoms by visiting the ‘Ask The Pharmacist’ page at, and by preview The American Epidemic: Solutions for Over-Medicating Our  Youth.

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