The Student Debt Problem and a Possible Cure


RKS, a widely recognized Design and Innovation firm in Los Angeles, has taken on one of the nation’s greatest challenges; addressing the 40 million people within the United States who carry over 1.2 Trillion dollars in student loan  debt. is the first of its kind service to directly challenge the student debt epidemic by harnessing the power of community support and online social media platforms to encourage gifts of loan repayment. The service operates as a simple in-between (middleman), connecting the tens of millions of students and graduates to their extended network of family and friends. Through these connections, LoanGifting enables giving directly to a student’s loan; their loan principal is reduced, future interest is reduced, and subsequently, the length of time it takes to pay off loans is  reduced.

Over years of concept development and research, the RKS team watched as the student debt problem has escalated. They saw how families and friends would feel a great deal of pride in providing much needed help and support. Empowered with the insights into underlying motivations, the RKS team was able to discover the key to people’s hearts; that the gift of education and support has greater value and meaning than that of gift cards or physical  gifts.

“It’s a simple concept, why not guide a friend or relative to help pay for the cost of college? Everyone loves to help those who seek education, always have and always will. But things are out of control. The cost of education keeps rising, the federal support to offset tuition is a ghost of what it once was, and the economic downturn forced many to earn higher education by obtaining readily accessible loans. These same loans that carry higher interest rates will follow you to your grave, if you can’t pay them off. These are the same loans that have 7 million students in default while many others will be paying their obligations for decades.”, founder Ravi Sawhney  explained.

RKS has harnessed its team of researchers, strategists, and designers in combination with Dr. Robert Deutsch, the world renowned cognitive anthropologist, to create Through extensive emotional research they saw that students and graduates feel a great deal of pride surrounding their accomplishments. They also take full responsibility for their debts. Students are motivated by the desire to start living their lives as they dreamed they would, by putting their debts behind them. But, the dark cloud of debt is holding them back and stifles their opportunities to grow. The team’s research also found that the vast support network, from friends to parents to philanthropists all passionately seek to see this new generation full of energy, vitality, and success. These supporters will feel their own sense of pride in building, not only their loved one’s future, but also supporting this nation’s future, by doing their part to cure this debt  epidemic.

“LoanGifting is a way to not only see the light at end of the tunnel, but to help create  it.”

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