Week of Nov 24 – 30

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Bombing Syria is not the whole solution – but it’s a good start

Isil’s territory is a breeding ground of hate, spreading spores of terror over the web to infect the world

The Autumn Statement in perspective

I was asked to write a response to the Autumn Statement by a leading national newspaper. I dropped everything on Friday morning and wrote the required number of words to their deadline, but they did not publish it


If Tories won’t radically reduce the size of the state, what’s the point of them?

George Osborne could be acting decisively to ensure our economic security – but he is far more interested in short-term political gain

Dan Jarvis wants Jeremy Corbyn’s job, but he can’t be involved in any coup to overthrow the Labour leader

Labour may yet have their Bobby Ewing

Charles Moore’s Notes: cheap trickery in the Economist’s assisted dying campaign

Because, it says, of its ‘liberal values and respect for human dignity’, the Economist has put out a film about Emily, a 24-year-old Belgian woman, who wants assisted dying. She is physically healthy, and comes, the film assures us, from a happy family. She has suffered from severe depression since childhood, however.

Who is rich? The distorting problems caused by very high London home prices.

Many readers will know that I wanted quicker fixes of the main banks balance sheets and capacity to lend, rather than Quantitative easing. I wanted the illiquid or damaged banks to have to sell off assets and raise additional capital so they were stronger sooner. The advocates of QE are now able to claim that there has been no great general inflation so far as a result of their money printing, because credit was badly damaged by the crash and remained very tight owing to the tough regulation of the banks thereafter.


‘I was tossed out of the tribe’: climate scientist Judith Curry interviewed

For engaging with sceptics, and discussing uncertainties in projections frankly, this Georgia professor is branded a heretic

25 years on, Thatcher’s legacy is stronger than ever

Thatcherism has spread around the world causing global poverty to plummet.


Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet must make it clear: either he resigns, or they do

Labour MPs can’t go on sitting quietly, pretending to back a leader they clearly do not. They need to be brave if they want to save their party

It’s time to smash the whole welfare system

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, with its backtracking on the slashing of tax credits, leaves a huge question hanging over 21st-century Britain: who has the cojones to do something about the destructive culture of welfarism? Anybody? It seems not. Both the supposedly small-state right and the apparently pro-work left have become bizarrely reluctant to address the spread of the autonomy-sapping welfare state into more people’s lives.

Ken Livingstone blaming Tony Blair for 7/7 tragically trashes his own 2005 response

The former London Mayor sullies the memory of his dignified reaction to the bombings he now describes as a ‘protest against our invasion of Iraq’

The Conservative Party, its young activists – and a failure in the duty of care

The Clarkegate allegations have revealed flawed accountability structures and failures of confidentiality – exacerbated by a fixation with the short-term.

Sorting out the balance of payments

The UK has been running a substantial deficit on its balance of payments with overseas countries for some time. The Office of Budget Responsibility has good news for us on this deficit. It forecasts that it will fall from over 5% of our National Income in 2014, to around 4% this year, 3% next year and then to around 2.5% thereafter. It points out the deterioration up to 2014 was caused by a weaker income balance, and suggests that going forward returns on UK investment abroad will pick up again.


Paying for a care home: a new answer to the problem

The Money Lab: making the wrong decisions about paying for a care home is all too easy – and could cost your family hundreds of thousands of pounds

George Osborne: We’ll ensure London remains the greatest city on the planet

More money for housing, transport, schools and the city’s cultural hotspots, plus an ‘Olympicopolis’ at Stratford


How to defeat Islamic State – and yes, it may mean British boots on the ground

To have a hope of defeating Isil in Syria, David Cameron needs to be ready to deploy British troops – and make some difficult political decisions

The main obstacle to a deal between the rival Leave campaigns is Arron Banks himself

The key Eurosceptic donors who will fund the anti-EU campaign do not feel they can work with him. Will he step aside to aid the cause?

Autumn Statement: Why George Osborne can ignore the scaremongering and keep cutting, in two charts

Critics have lined up to warn about the impact of his latest round of austerity, but the public has learned to deal with it


Tomorrow, Osborne must pass the surplus test

He has succeeded in boosting recovery, but failed to eliminate the deficit. Now he must prove his determination to fix that roof – whether the sun is shining or not.

George Osborne is about to run into a heap of trouble

Spending cuts could end Britain’s membership of the EU

Labour must choose between its members and the country

The Corbyn cultists are going on a magical mystery tour which can only end one way. MPs need to wake up and defy this mindless cult

The SNP’s independence plans have been exposed as delusional – when will they come clean?

Sturgeon and Swinney must stop relying on Salmond’s belligerent and baseless assertions.

Now 66% of Labour members think Corbyn is doing well, will Blairite MPs stop attacking him from the inside?

Blairites think they don’t need Corbyn, and they can oust him without any consequences. But the truth is that they need Corbyn as much as the people who voted him in

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