1 Billion Dollars, That’s How much one Super PAC Plans on Raising for Trump

By Post Publishing.BUZZ, Special for  USDR

Post Publishing.BUZZ, an online faith based newspaper, announces Trump Super PAC ‘Get Our Jobs Back Inc.’ will raise $1 Billion Dollars to support the Trump  campaign.

Trump Super PAC CEO, Mr. Steven Hoffenberg, at the PAC named, ‘Get Our Jobs Back Inc.,’ http://www.getourjobsbackinc.com/, who is also CEO of Post Publishing.BUZZ, said, “The USA race is about the voters’ jobs & demanded money that only Trump has the legacy in bringing back, to our broken USA, jobs to the  market.”

Voters don’t want any more foolish media TV experts spin, voters need jobs & money right now in the broken USA. The voters need loans to open small companies that are the foundation of the USA industry. Trump is the only expert in Jobs, and the voter’s small businesses demanding loans. Media TV experts don’t understand the demanded jobs right now by the voters. Trump knows what the voters demand in jobs & voters’ loans for the voter’s small business to rebuild the broken USA jobs  market.

Trump Super PAC CEO, Hoffenberg, at the PAC, ‘Get Our Jobs Back Inc.’, http://www.getourjobsbackinc.com/ said, “The Trump Super PAC team staff will raise over $1 Billion Dollars with expert stock brokers in the USA for the White House race victory by Trump  now.”

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The Post Publishing.BUZZ, (http://postpublishing.buzz/) is an online faith based newspaper for the followers of Jesus Christthroughout the entire  world.

New York City Media Agency for Trump Super PAC, ‘Get Our Jobs Back Inc.’ is Winner Media,  LLC

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