2 Best Construction Management Software Tools: Free + Paid

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Since the dawn of civilization, humans have worked to improve the building process by seeking out new materials and techniques. The construction sector is unparalleled in its rapid pace. The way things are done today differs greatly from how they were performed twenty years ago, and it’s possible that nothing will remain the same in the next decade.

People in this business are going to have to be progressive and productive if they want to keep up with its apparently endless expansion and long tradition.

For this reason, we bring you the two best construction management software tools that will definitely boost your bottom line and optimize your business processes. We will also briefly go through the basics of construction management.

If you are quickly looking to get started with construction management software, Assignar is a great tool recommended by the experts. 

What is construction management?

Construction management is a set of techniques that help a project’s owner keep track of the project’s schedule, communication, budget, safety, quality, and scope in an effective way. These aspects of the project are generally considered the prime pillars of construction management.

The management of construction projects may be integrated with any form of project delivery. In any environment, the construction manager’s primary obligation is to the property owner and the accomplishment of the project at hand.

2 best construction management software tools: free + paid

1. Assignar (Paid)

The Assignar platform is widely regarded as the gold standard for construction management software. It is a construction software system with a strong emphasis on the customer experience and a primary goal of increasing efficiency and transparency for the benefit of a more robust company and more effective project delivery. It aids in completing tasks with more speed, security, quality, and transparency.

The following are some of the best features of Assignar:

Establish business order

Create work orders, then distribute them to authorized employees to complete. Filter the equipment based on the quality criteria to assist in the effective allocation of resources. Provide the ability for employees to use their mobile devices to punch in and out. Timesheets allow managers to keep track of how much time workers spend working, freeing them up to concentrate on more pressing matters.

Seamless connectivity

Instantaneously share papers with other members of the team. Through the use of the Fieldworker app, you will routinely be notified of job confirmations. In order to ensure that everyone is on the same page, employees will be informed about impending tasks.

Centralized data house and automation

Maintain a centralized repository for the employees’ contact information, as well as compliance paperwork, insurance policies, and certifications. Automate the process of matching the talents of employees with the work that needs to be done to help allocate competent workers to projects. Send staff reminders to update their papers before they become invalid.

Equipment maintenance

Keep track of information about the subcontractors, such as their owned and operable equipment, so that you can schedule them for the appropriate assignments. Make use of the scheduling calendar to delegate duties to suitable replacements.

Create forms and reports like a breeze

It is possible to swiftly complete project site inspections by electronically creating and collecting forms even without internet connectivity.

Produce and evaluate reports so that you can make choices based on accurate information. You may turn data into pie charts or pivot tables by accessing dashboards. 

Safety on-point

Produce safety reports in order to keep track of events, occupational risks, and dangerously close calls. Hold orientations regarding the safety rules in order to prevent injuries on the jobsite.

Ensure 100% compliance

Keeping records and conducting audits is an effective way to lower obligations like insurance premiums, fines, and penalties. Maintaining your equipment on a regular basis will extend its lifespan.

Take advantage of geospatial maps

Utilizing GPS technology, you can keep track of your vehicles in real time. You can view the most recent odometer values by accessing the dashboards. Establish geofences to get notified when vehicles are getting close to construction sites.

Also, view the whereabouts of your clientele via the use of geographical heat maps.

2. Fieldwire (Free functionality on up to 3 projects, 100 sheets and 5 users)

Whether on the work site or in the office, Fieldwire’s online and mobile interfaces make it easy to manage tasks, inspect and compare different versions of blueprints, keep tabs on problems, and coordinate with colleagues.

Consider the following points in light of this platform’s features:

Focus on the big picture

Fieldwire is a web and mobile app for construction management that bridges the gap between on-site and administrative staff. Our building site management software equips all workers with the resources they need to carry out day-to-day operations while keeping the big picture in mind.

Establish solid responsibilities

This construction project management software ensures that everyone involved in the project is aware of their own responsibilities. A project’s activities are arranged in accordance with the plans and specifications that have been established for the undertaking. 

Keep track of what matters the most

By using Fieldwire’s construction management software, you can easily keep track of all the details that matter most to your project. Plan checking, punch lists, scheduling, and reporting are just some of the primary use cases covered by this web-based and mobile construction software that keeps your crew in the field connected.

Modern management style

Tools used for construction management focus on efficiency on the job site. Whether you like to organize tasks according to deadlines or priorities, you’ll find that using Fieldwire is a breeze. When compared to using paper, Excel, and Outlook, this project management software is far more efficient and provides more clarity for your project.

Complete transparency

Having a clear view of the status of your project is the first step in optimizing your on-site workforce. Subcontractors could submit the number of hours and the total cost of labor after they complete a job using the mobile app. When everything is documented in the software, it’s simple to manage labor and keep track of personnel.

Be more organized

The construction management tools offered by Fieldwire are both user-friendly and effective. Organize every deal in advance and keep meetings organized with visual aids. When it comes to daily scheduling and progress monitoring, this construction management software provides you leverage.

Less disruptions, more work

The ability to assign custom statuses to tasks in conjunction with Fieldwire’s adaptable user permissions ensures that your project is completed on schedule and with little disruption. You may modify access levels to provide additional people the ability to affect ongoing tasks and check completed ones.

After importing your assignments, Fieldwire makes it easy to set deadlines, assign jobs to specific team members, and monitor progress. Keep track of everything that needs completing, either in a calendar view or according to its relative importance.


There is no shortage of options when it comes to construction management software. However, it is very important to choose one that meets your specific requirements. Investing in reliable construction management software will pay dividends down the road and prevent wasteful spending.

While both free and paid software options exist, the former often has fewer features and is less effective than their premium counterparts. Therefore, if you’re in the construction industry and need a sustainable solution, think about shelling out some cash for a specialized software that will pay for itself quickly.

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