3 Cloud Computing Stats and How They Affect Your Business

Most people are familiar with the concept of using the cloud for business, even if they’re not sure what it does or why it’s important. Older business and small companies, in particular, might not understand why they should switch to the cloud, especially if their existing systems are already working  out.

However, while hardware storage and manual data protection might work in the short run, the cloud is the future. Here are three statistics proving the value of the cloud and why your business needs to transition to a more secure storage  environment.

70% of Companies Use Cloud Services for File  Storage

According to one study by Clutch, almost three-quarters of companies use cloud services for file storage. Additionally, 62 percent of companies use it for file backup and recovery, while only 51 percent use data for app  deployment.

As companies become increasingly digital, they need reliable storage for their files. If their internal servers go down, they could lose customer records, important sales information, and even employee information. Companies of all sizes need to keep their data stored securely in a location that won’t be hacked or shut  down.

If your company has any sensitive data, including employee information or customer records, it needs to be stored securely. You don’t have to be an IT expert to understand the value of security in 2018 and want to protect your company financially and  legally.

85% of Enterprises Will Use a Cloud Access Security Broker by  2020

Along with reviewing how cloud services are used, it’s important to consider who is using them and what tools they have. While small business can tap into self-service cloud storage options, growing companies need help. Large enterprises often struggle with the sheer amount of data they have, the different categories required for compliance, and the changing nature of security trends. This is where a cloud access security broker (CASB) comes  in.

Gartner predicts that almost 90 percent of Enterprises will use a CASB, or a tool that reinforces the compliance and security of cloud software, by 2020. CASBs give companies more control over their security and add an extra layer of protection. Considering a data leak can lead to millions in lost business and even government fines, the money that companies invest in a CASB is worth  it.

The Market for Cloud Services Grew 18% in  2017

Finally, the last statistic that should convince you to switch to the cloud is growth rate. Experts predicted that usage of the cloud would grow the industry by 18 percent in 2017, a trend that is expected to continue into the new year. Not only are existing companies expanding their usage of the service, but other companies are starting to use  it.

If the cloud industry was plateauing, it would be a sign that companies didn’t want to expand their use, and it wasn’t worth trying. However, the expansive growth proves that the Cloud is a worthy investment for anyone who tries  it.

Cloud storage might not be a major investment for every company, but every company can benefit from at least trying cloud tools and seeing if they’re good for  business.

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