3 Million Grads Looking for Jobs, One Million Available

By US Daily Review Staff

Job seekers are facing a tough and competitive job market today as companies lay off employees and outsource jobs. According to a 2011 study by Rutgers University WORKTRENDS, just 53 percent of recent college graduates are employed full-time. How can you be the one-in-the-million to find work? The job search process must include a motivational mindset that is a critical element to this endeavor. A motivational mindset will help you present yourself as a viable candidate, setting yourself apart from others, and being the candidate that hiring managers want to see.

Any savvy college graduate realizes that he or she has to determine the needs and preferences of the company that they are interested in. Understanding self-motivation can help to identify key selling points that make them unique, thus setting them apart from their competitors. This holds true for almost any worker at any job, no matter what point they are at in their career. Dr. Provitera’s Mastering Self-Motivation Book Trailer provides insight into how you can create a motivational mindsethttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXkcaft4X7U&feature=youtu.be.

Here are five ways you can ensure that you have the motivational mindset to land the job:

1) Know the industry

Identify current events and how they relate to the position being offered.

2) Be your own image consultant

Present yourself positively as someone who is on top of your game. Develop a 30-second commercial of your excellent qualifications as they apply to the job.

3) Track your progress

Relate your academic success and previous experience to the needs of potential employers. Focus on your GPA and your coursework in your major. Emphasize your interests in college and how they relate to the workplace.

4) Be a story teller

Have ready a short story that highlights how you motivated others to accomplish a task or led a group of people to accomplish their goals.

5) Do your homework

Match your skills to the job. Let the interviewer know that you did your research to identify how your skills are perfect for the job.

According to an organization statement, “Dr. Michael Provitera is a Management Professor who is an expert in both motivation and organizational behavior. He has a Doctorate in Management and an MBA in Finance with over twenty years experience as a professor, corporate consultant, mentor, and writer helping people achieve their highest potential. He began his career as a Wall Street executive, so he inherently knows what employers are looking for in new candidates. Reading his book, Mastering Self-Motivation, will help you to create a successful life — one that is professionally and financially rewarding. The book is full of practical advice that provides college graduates with the tools needed to successfully navigate today’s job market and gain an edge over the competition.”

Don’t look for a job, create your own opportunity. The American Dream can be found in your VIZ Biz.

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