3 Tips to Choose the Right Christmas Lights for Your Home


Today’s Christmas decorations require planning. Some homeowners create designs months in advance to determine how they’re going to light up their homes and celebrate the season. While the fun part is deciding where to put the lights in each color, the type of lighting is also important. Check out these three tips on choosing the right Christmas lights for your home so you can have a bright and safe holiday  season.

LEDs are Worth the Investment

Many homeowners initially balk at the price of LED lighting as strands tend to cost twice the amount of incandescent bulbs; however, the investment is worth it. LEDs only use 10 percent of the energy that incandescent bulbs require, last two years longer, and tend to hold more bulbs per string. This means your house will look brighter and your strands will last longer, without the pain to your energy  bills.

If you’re worried about the cost, consider investing in a few LED strands per year. Specialty sites like christmaslightsetc.com typically offer them at affordable prices. If you keep adding new strands, your collection will continue to grow, turning your home into a bright Christmas  Extravaganza.

Know the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Lights

The first way to check for Christmas light use is with the UL tag. Indoor lights should have a green tag or green writing, while outdoor lights will have a red tag. Failure to use the proper lights — whether indoor or outdoor — could result in electrocution or a home  fire.

Historically, outdoor lights were bigger than indoor lights. This was because homeowners wanted them to be more powerful to be seen down the street, instead of just inside one room. However, many bulbs today are the same size, because manufacturers are able to generate more power with fewer resources. If you are dealing with an old set of lights without a UL tag, size and durability are good indicators of their  purpose.

Keep Your Lights on a Timer for Automatic Management

Smart homeowners will attach their Christmas lights to a timer so their home lights up at the same time every day and turns off at the same time at night. Imagine coming home from a school event or social activity to a dark house. That’s not festive at all. Instead, a timer will cue the lights to turn on, so festive lights greet you as you pull into the  driveway.

Your timer will also turn off the lights at the same time, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them on all night or staying up to turn them off. This will lower your energy bill from all the nights you fell asleep with the lights on. Instead, let the timer do it for you and go to sleep whenever you  want.

It doesn’t take much effort to have one of the best and brightest houses on the street, it just takes a little planning. By investing in the right Christmas lights — and tools like timers and clips — you can effortlessly set and enjoy your display all season  long.

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