4 Essential Items for a Successful Trade Show Event

Trade shows are a great way for businesses to showcase themselves and have a ton of fun while they’re at it. It’s also a great opportunity for building lasting relationships with other companies and opening the door towards mutually beneficial ventures. Your goal on every trade show is to leave an impact to the attendees. One good example is the Electrolux cooking experience where this well-known home appliance manufacturer showcased a live cooking demonstration that kept the audience entertained. But if it’s your first time to attend a trade show event, you don’t have to make everything extravagant. There are simple but effective ways to make your brand stand out in the crowd. Ensure a great trade show outing by making sure that your organization is adequately equipped with the following items:

Signage and Presentation Media

A clear and visible sign is one of the first things that can attract a person’s attention. Make sure that your signage properly displays your company logo and is big enough to be seen from a good distance away. Having multiple signs in the form of posters and banners is a good way to ensure that your brand is visible from every angle.

If you can get a small display to run a slide show presentation about the basics of your business or organization through, go for it. When people have a basic idea of what your company is about, they can start making more serious inquiries of your booth staff. It’s also a good idea to confirm that your staff is outfitted appropriately so that they can be easily recognized by interested parties. Most trade shows provide an identification badge with an included lanyard, but you can market your company by providing your employees with custom lapel pins or asking them to wear your company t-shirts to the trade show if you have them.

Promotional Booth Items and Giveaways

It’s always a good idea to have promotional flyers and brochures that advertise your company’s services or goods handy at the booth. This way, people can just bring your content with them to read later on, or while they’re exploring the show. Ask the trade show organizers how many people they’ll be expecting to attend and use that number to guide your choices on how many to print out. At a minimum, we recommend having 200 brochures or flyers on hand.

You should also stock up on company swag to give away at the booth. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’ll refuse a free pen or notepad. An item that makes sense for your company should help with instant recall, but small but useful products such as USB flash drives, lanyards or keychains are great marketing tools, too.

Business Cards

Keeping a stock of business cards handy makes it easy to distribute your credentials to interested parties. There’s not much of a point of making them too fancy; instead, go for a standard business card in a sturdy material. Make sure that your name, your company’s name, and the various methods to contact you are clear and legible. You can also develop a QR code to print with your signage that attendees can scan. This way, they can easily save your phone number to their mobile devices.

Tool Kits

A basic tool kit will be your trade show best friend—this should include basic office supplies such as pens, clear and double-sided tape, paper clips and a stapler, as well as actual tools like a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, a small hammer, and a flashlight. Anything that will help keep your posters up and your signage in place is a good addition. An extension cord or a power strip can also be useful if you have any presentation media that needs hooking up if the venue cannot provide you with one.

Planning for your trade show event ensures that you are adequately prepared for almost any eventuality. It also minimizes the stress and hassle of keeping your booth put together, allowing you to focus on making meaningful business and client connections.

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