4 Home Improvement Ideas for Tech Lovers

Technological improvements for the home can range from small things like smart trash bins to more complex projects like installing a home elevator. Homeowners are finally warming to dozens of tech trends that have been in the making for several years.

Gadgets and major appliances that make life safer, simpler and less stressful are all the rage. Security and convenience play the biggest roles among improvement ideas that can add value to any home. If you like technology and appreciate its power to make your home a better place to live, the following four ideas might be just what you’ve been waiting for:

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are one of the quick and easy tech improvements you can make. The units are inexpensive, simple to install and offer a decent amount of security for the cost. Now sold at most big-box retailers by dozens of different manufacturers, the devices let you instantly see a live video feed of what’s going on at your front door as soon as the bell rings. After connecting the device to a power source and adding the included app to your phone or smart TV, you’re never more than a click away from seeing who’s standing at your front door.

Home Elevators

Installing a home elevator is appealing to more and more homeowners these days. What was once considered a rarity or even a curiosity, the home lift is catching on for many reasons. Not only boosting the value of a home, but a good way to prevent falls and back strains that are a common result of stair climbing, home elevators are keeping seniors active for years to come. This lifestyle trend has been building and is finally gaining ground in home construction.

Self-Watering Plant Pots

People are tired, finally, of having to find a friendly neighbor or willing relative to watch their plants when they go on vacation. The low-tech answer: self-watering plant containers. What might seem like a novelty to some is now an essential part of the lifestyle of millions of house and apartment dwellers everywhere. This might be the year that self-watering pots become the consumer product of the decade. So far, it looks like these electronically-enhanced plant pots, that release timed bursts of water based on your instructions, are set to be one of the best-selling items of the year.

Motion-Sensor Trash Bins

Within the framework of a larger lifestyle trend toward home safety and sanitation, the motion-sensor trash bin is a sign of the times. These clever gadgets simply allow the owner to wave a hand above the can to raise the lid. When you don’t touch the trash bin, you don’t pick up germs and odors from the stuff within. The so-called “smart trash cans” were a direct outgrowth of an auto industry success story: hand- and foot-activated trunk openers. The entire sub-set of “motion-activated” appliances is a huge lifestyle trend in and of themselves but we picked this one for a reason. In a year’s time, it’s possible that hundreds of millions of businesses and private homes will be equipped with motion-activated waste bins.

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