4 Money-Saving Tips for Your Next New York City Tour


While New York City is definitely on many people’s bucket lists, it can be an expensive city to explore for any traveler. There is so much to do in the city that you might find yourself spending much more than you had budgeted. Fortunately, a trip to the Big Apple does not have to be  expensive.

You can use several money-saving strategies to explore all that the city has to offer without going a dime over your budget. Here are a few tips for enjoying “The City that Never  Sleeps.”

Always Pre-Plan Your  Trip

Many travelers heading to New York City have a list of things they would like to do; however, do not think for one moment that you will manage to do everything on your list without proper planning. The number of things you need to plan for are many; for example, checking on the current and upcoming events, reduced tourist entry fees, and entry days and  timings.

By pre-planning your upcoming trip, you will be able to make your tour of the city that much more efficient. In addition, it also helps because you will be in a better position to save on almost half of what you would have spent without a proper plan. In addition, do not forget to write down the destinations and experiences you would like to participate in, like exploring the Statue of  Liberty. Be sure to make use various coupon codes from travel retailer such as Wotif, which can help you to find accommodation, flight tickets, and travel packages on  budget.

Skip Midtown  Shopping

For many budget travelers, the key to saving a huge amount of cash is skipping shopping within the Midtown area of the city. Without a doubt, the location is home to some of the best attractions, many activities, and shopping stores, but in the same breath, the prices literally shoot through your budget’s roof. Therefore, shop in other locations such as Brooklyn if you want to save some  money.

The number of quality items you will find for little, as long as you are patient enough, will amaze you. While in NYC, visit stores like Lot Less and Burlington Coat Factory where you will find just about anything you need. Between these stores, you will usually end up finding everything you need during your  trip.

Getting Around on a  Budget

It’s never a great idea for visitors to take to driving in Manhattan. Like many other great cities around the world, NYC features a subway system that has taken years to be constructed – and could never be duplicated from scratch. Most of the system was designed and put up when construction and labor costs were much cheaper than they are  today.

The system’s network is so extensive that you will likely get a stop not far from where you would like to go. Try traveling during the off-peak hours when fares are about a third cheaper. However, if you would like to get the full tourist tour package of the city on an affordable price, you should consider some  tour bus  options.

Save on  Meals

NYC is home to a host of fancy, but expensive restaurants. However, if you do not have the cash to splurge on expensive meals, you can still enjoy food and drinks in places preferred by locals and other travelers looking for a homely meal. These restaurants are dotted all over the city and they offer you quality great tasting food at low  prices.

Little India, Little Italy and Little China are just a few districts that have authentic foods you can enjoy. Another popular option is stalls and food trucks that offer burgers, desserts, rolls, and drinks at pocket-friendly prices. In case you want a fine dining experience in NYC, opt for lunch, which is  cheaper.

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