4 Must Have Tips for New Sports Bettors from Find Betting Sites

Betting on sports is very fun and addicting and can transform the most boring fixtures into the most entertaining ones. It is important for bettors to realise that they are likely to lose over the long term, but this does not mean that every bettor does.

Here is a list of four tips designed so that you become one of the bettors that makes profit.

Avoid impulsive bets

This tip may seem like the most obvious but is the most common way that gamblers will ruin their entire bankroll, and it happens before they get the chance to realise what is happening. Make sure to always put sufficient thoughts into your bets and never bet for the sake of betting. 

This is not to say that you will not win impulsive bets because even a broken clock is right twice a day. In fact, that is the whole point, that you might win these bets because they are losing on the long term. The bookmakers want you to place these bets and they want you to win once in a while so that you keep making them. Beat the bookies and do not place impulsive bets. 

Use odds comparison sites

Odds comparison sites are very easily available, free and a very good way to increase your winnings. This tip is very simple: once you have a bet that you are happy with, go on to an odds checker and place that bet with the bookies that has the best odds. If you win, you will win more than you would have otherwise, and it costs nothing besides a couple of minutes of your time. 


Make sure to put in time into researching your bets. If you are betting on tennis, check the player’s recent results, their head to head with the opponent, their record on that surface and anything else you can find about them.  

Bookies set up their odds to try and get people to bet in similar proportions on each result. For example, in football, the odds of each team win, and draw are fixed there to encourage punters to bet on any of the three. Carl Hughes from Findbettingsites recommends that you put in research and you will be doing more than a majority of gamblers, giving you an instant competitive advantage and making you more likely to win money. 

Set up different accounts

This tip ties into the odds checker tips but it is not the only reason you should set up different accounts. The first reason is to profit from the welcome offers. These offers are designed to be profitable to entice you into betting with the bookie, but it is completely legal to just profit from the welcome offer and not bet with the bookie again. 

If you do this with the most bookies as you can, you are minimising the risk involved with your betting and maximising possible returns, so it really is a no brainer.

As well as this clear advantage, different betting companies offer different promotions. Ladbrokes offer a boost every day for example, where you can choose your bet and boost it a little bit, and Skybet chooses a bet for big events and doubles the odds. 

If you are making sure you stay aware of the best offers across these platforms, then you will be able to use the most lucrative ones and as such, you will be giving yourself the best chance of making money. The house always win as they say, but if you use this tip, you are skewing the odds back into your favour. 

Remember, the house wins because of gamblers that do not put in the effort and do not bet smart. Avoid those mistakes and you will massively increase your chances of making money. 

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