4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Afraid of Dentists

Let’s face it, most people feel some level of anxiety about going to the dentist. That’s because dental care has become synonymous with pain. In fact, some people put off going to the dentist for a long period of time, which ends up creating a problem. It’s estimated that approximately 75 percent of people in the United States have either a fear or phobia of dentistry. As a result, they wait until they have an emergency dental situation before actually going. The information below sheds light on why you should not be afraid of the dentist.

  1. Dentists Don’t Want to Cause Pain

For starters, dentists don’t want to cause pain. Most dentists make a concentrated effort to prevent causing pain and are successful in their efforts. While the very nature of dental care means there could be work done that’s painful, there are highly effective methods used to mitigate that pain. This primarily includes numbing the patient’s mouth so that they don’t feel what’s happening. Dentists understand that if you feel pain, you are not likely to return. If you don’t come back, they lose money. As you can see, not causing pain is beneficial for all parties involved.

  1. New Technologies Have Changed the Game

There are a lot of new technologies that have improved the world of dentistry. From the tools used to the methods employed during different procedures, dentistry has constantly evolved. In fact, there have been so many advancements that a fewer number of people are likely to need dentures when they get older. There are also technologies like 3D-4D x-rays that improve the ability of dentists to pinpoint issues before they become serious enough to cause pain.

Even if you end up requiring more advanced procedures, there are innovative new technologies that can optimize the outcome, while preventing pain in the process. The same applies to orthodontia work. If you end up needing braces, the experience will be a lot more pleasant than it has been in the past.

  1. Going to the Dentist Helps You Avoid Pain

By going to the dentist more frequently, you actually lower your chances of having serious issues like cavities or bacterial infections that result in other health issues. Part of the job of a dentist when you go to your annual check is to remove plaque that can harden on your teeth. This often happens because people don’t brush and floss regularly as they should. When you don’t have plaque removed, you increase your chances of developing cavities. Essentially, your dentist can keep you teeth clean and healthy so that you don’t have to worry about needing procedures that could end up being painful.

  1. Most Dentists Are Really Good at Their Job

Sometimes people have a fear of going to the dentist because they had a bad experience and don’t want to repeat the situation. While it would be best if all dentists were really good at their job, the truth is that some are better than others. This applies to every profession. The solution is finding a dentist that’s right for you. One of the best ways to do so is to get a referral from a friend. You can also read reviews online to see what others have to say. You can even talk to coworkers because they are more likely to have a dentist that’s in your network if you have insurance.

While you may never be happy about going to the dentist, you certainly don’t have to worry about it. What you can do instead is express your concerns so that your dentist knows how you feel. This will enable them to take extra precautions to ensure you are truly comfortable. This could be a win-win scenario because you can potentially find a dentist that you trust and they can gain a loyal patient.

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