4 Tips that Could Save Your Life

By Zanes Law, Special for  USDR

Are you currently in the market for a new car?  If the answer is yes, then you must buy one with an active safety system that will help you avoid or mitigate a crash.  At least this is the advice that I am going to give you as a personal injury lawyer who helps clients on a daily basis who are horribly injured in car accidents. The reason that I say you must purchase a car with this new safety technology is because this technology could save your life or the life of someone that you  love.

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In addition, this technology has become extremely affordable and it will help to protect you in the following  ways:

  1. It will protect you when you don’t see the car in front of you stopping;
  2. It will protect you when don’t see the car in the lane next to you;
  3. It will protect you when you are trying to back out of a parking space; and
  4. It will protect you if you are actually involved in a collision.

So, what are these “must have” car safety systems?  They are the  following:

  • Forward Collision Warning – A forward collision warning system is the safety system that should be on the top of your list because it is designed to keep you from crashing into the back of a vehicle that suddenly stops in front of you.
  • Blind Spot Warning – Blind spot warning and rear-cross traffic alert will warn you when you are attempting to change lanes and a car is in your blind spot.
  • Backup Cameras –Backup cameras are such a great feature that they should be standard on all cars by 2018.
  • Inflatable seat belts – Developed by Ford, in a crash they deploy and spread the force of a crash over an area of the body that’s five times greater than a traditional belt, further reducing the likelihood of injury.

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