4 Ways Field Service Management Software Could Improve Your Business

If you’re running a business where you have employees working away from your centralized business location, you’ll know that it comes with a whole load of headaches. How do you manage the inventory they’re using, keep track of which vehicles are being used and which are in need of maintenance, or schedule their work when they are in one place and you are in another?

Of course we can all communicate over the phone or the internet and the things you can do with a spreadsheet or a database are pretty amazing, but these methods rely on two or more people communicating and then accurately recording that communication… which can be a recipe for disaster! Implementing a software solution that allows your agents to update you centrally as they are out and about has a whole raft of benefits.

Increase Efficiency

This is a huge win. If your agents are directly entering their updates on inventory used, job progress or vehicle status into your centralized system as they are working, it means that those updates are immediately available to the other people working in your business. This means that everyone is able to get on with their work more efficiently, without having to chase around for the information that they need.

It also means that there is less room for costly data entry mistakes which then need to be resolved, because most software systems will also have in-built parameters which flag up potentially incorrect entries before they go anywhere.

Reduce Costs

If you choose your software correctly then, although there will be an initial outlay, a field service management system will save you money in the long run.

As mentioned above, it will prevent costly data entry mistakes and because all of the information you need is always there it means that you can get invoices out to your customers promptly and resolve any discrepancies with those invoices much more quickly resulting in faster payment.

Field service management software will also enable you to go paperless, which is not only great for your pocket but great for the environment too.

Allows For Innovation

One of the most exciting things about good field service management software is the possibility for innovation that it opens up for you. 

For example, the solution designed by TruQC has a focus on standardizing your workflow (based on your current processes rather than making you create new ones which is nice!). This standardized workflow allows for accurate reporting, which in turn allows you to spot the potential for processes that can be improved or built on to help you to achieve your goals.

Customer Satisfaction

A nice side effect of an efficient system is that your customers will be more satisfied, because your agents will be able to give them the information they need promptly. Perhaps they’ll even be able to log in and see it for themselves! Either way, your customers will be happier and your reputation will improve as a result.

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