4 Ways to Stay Safe in the Coming Year

By Zanes Law, Special for  USDR

What could be the common denominator in being injured or killed by a fire or in a shooting?  Surprisingly enough, a night out on the town with friends.  That’s right, as crazy as it  sounds.

Being seriously injured or killed because of an establishment’s failure to protect you is more common that you think.  So with New Year’s Eve right around the corner, I want to broach the topic of being injured or killed in an accident or purposeful event so that you can protect  yourself.

So should we all just stay home?  No, of course not. But you should be smart, prepared, and aware of your  surroundings.

The single common factor in each of these situations that matters is your ability to escape.  Your ability to get out of that situation fast.  This requires knowledge.  Knowledge of the layout of the venue, knowledge of all the exits, and then the ability to not just get to them, but to also get through them and out of the  venue.

  1. Be familiar with the venue and where the exits are located.  Pay attention to where the kitchen entrance is (if there is a kitchen) because most kitchens have a back door that exits to the outside of the building.  It is extremely important to know if the only exit is the front door that you walked in.
  2. Pick a table or section of the venue that is close to an exit door.  The biggest problem patrons have when a fire starts or something bad begins to happen is the inability to simply get to an exit.  I prefer to focus on an exit that isn’t a main exit.  Pay close attention to your surroundings and anything that is out of the ordinary.  How quickly you react is extremely important.  I would rather over react a bit and be wrong, then not believe what I’m seeing and move too slow.
  3. Pay close attention to your surroundings and anything that is out of the ordinary.
  4. Don’t get overly intoxicated.  If you are too intoxicated you will not make the decisions that you need to make.

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The author of this article is Doug Zanes.  Doug is a personal injury attorney in Phoenix,  AZ.

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