5 Accessories to Up Your Living Room Décor


The room where you spend time with family and friends, create memories and have some good times needs a little extra attention, doesn’t it? After all, the way you do up your living room does say a lot about you. This is where you can make a personal style statement for everyone to  see.

Experts at The Furniture People, leading providers of all types of furniture, including leather sofas, in Melbourne, state that you don’t have to break your budget to do up your living room if you know just what to choose. Along with the furniture, the addition of certain accessories can raise the style quotient of this  space.

5 Accessories to Enhance the Look of Your Living  Room

  1. Soft rug:A rug with a soft texture not only feels cozy under your feet, but softens the tone of your room as well. It creates an innovative impression on visitors, while making the room look luxurious. When choosing a rug for your living room, make sure that it is not too bulky or too threadbare. Such rugs create an unpleasant, rough edge to your design plan.

  1. Indoor Plants:Want to bring in natural beauty to your living space? Some vibrant green plants are something you should include in your living room. Plants not only look pretty but have proven to reduce stress, lower the heart rate and reduce muscle tension as well. They absorb toxins present in the atmosphere, improving air quality. However, you do need to do some research to pick the right plants that will thrive indoors in your region, while suiting the rest of your décor.

  1. Throw pillows: If you feel that the overall look of your living room is boring and mundane, don’t worry, you can add color and pattern without spending much. Throw pillows are the perfect accessories with which you can level up your living room décor. They offer you that extra back support when youcozy up in your sofa to watch a movie. When choosing throw pillows, remember that the pillow should complement the chair or sofa on which it is placed, along with the paint of the walls. Do not hesitate to try some bold patterns.

  1. Candles:It is such a cliché that candles are only meant to be a part of a romantic evening. Having a large number of candles in the living space creates a welcoming environment, since they create warmth. When buying candles for your living room, go for scented ones of different heights and buy some stylish candle holders too.

  1. Curtains:Curtains play a crucial part in the overall aesthetics of a room, making a huge difference to the ambiance and energy. When buying curtains for your living space, go for drapes with an eye-catching look, with bright colours and bold patterns, instead of plain ones, which often disappear in the background.

Other than adding these accessories, if you feel that your living room needs a new sofa, do take into consideration a wide range of cheap fabric sofas or sofa beds and other cheap sofas available at The Furniture People in Melbourne to add a creative element to your living  room.

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