5 Key Indicators That State the Need for An Advanced E-Commerce Platform

Are you a growing brand or online store? Are you selling your products in high volume? If yes, then it is time you switch to a robust e-commerce platform that can take your business to the next  level.

When you are in search of a great e-commerce platform for a growing business, then the first name that comes to your mind is Shopify Plus. It is a hosted platform that is exclusively customized for the big  brands.

Now, the question that may come to your mind in this situation is why and when you should switch to a superior e-commerce platform like Shopify Plus. We will give you all the answers  here.

Your earned revenue should not trigger the need for a superior e-commerce platform. The features and the additional support should be the luring  elements.

When to switch to an advanced level e-commerce  platform

Let us look at the key indicators that trigger off the need for an advanced level e-commerce  platform.

Need for advanced level  support

Once you have a growing business, then you are in need of advanced level support from your e-commerce platform. Your selected platform should allow you to skip the lower-tier support and reach the advanced level support straight  away.

Once you get access to the advanced level support team, then they will be able to resolve your issues right away. The reason is when you are earning more than $1 million in revenue; then it is essential that the site issues should be resolved on an immediate  basis.

Platforms like Shopify Plus provide a Merchant Success Manager. These managers can help to resolve your issues fast. When you send your request to the support team, then you can copy the manager on your specific  correspondence.

The manager will follow-up with the support and ensure that your issue gets resolved at the  earliest.

The requirement for a high-level business  strategy

Successful businesses need fool-proof business strategies as well. You cannot afford to go wrong here. It is a common quote that two heads are better than one. You need to implement this quote in the real  world.

Even if you are effectively using your e-commerce platform, you still need additional help. If your e-commerce platform allocates you a Merchant Success Manager, then he can help you plan a high-level business strategy as  well.

He can act as your business coach and provide you with all the needed help to improve your business profits. There are times when your site needs a detailed audit. The manager can take care of all this hassle for you and come up with the necessary  solutions.

Wish to migrate to another  platform

There are times when you need to migrate to another platform. You need a proper walkthrough of the migration platform. You expect your chosen e-commerce platform to provide you with all the necessary support in this  regard.

Luckily, Shopify Plus offers a launch manager who can give you the technical guidance to streamline the process of  migration.

The desire to automate the  processes

If you want to automate your processes, then you need to look for an enterprise ecommerce platform that offers the finest automation. The reason for automation is that you want to give some breathing space to your staff and relieve some of their  responsibilities.

Well, in that case, you can confide in Shopify Plus. It offers the Shopify Flow. The Shopify Flow is a system that can automate the tasks inside the admin. The best part is that the functionality of this system is simple. You need specific triggers, actions, and conditions for creating unique workflows in no  time.

Urgent requirement for increased  bandwidth

When you have a huge customer portfolio, then your biggest concern is that your store should be able to handle the traffic influx. This is why you are in need of unlimited Bandwidth. Shopify Plus again comes to your assistance in this  situation.

It offers unlimited bandwidth. It provides about 200TB of storage, so handling the traffic will not be a  problem.

If you agree to the fact that the requirements mentioned above are in line with your needs, then this means that you need to switch to a refined Enterprise e-commerce platform at the  earliest.

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