5 Things to Know About Using a Stock Market Simulator


A lot of people are interested in learning the stock market, but the concept of jumping in head first is intimidating. What happens if you lose money while you’re just getting  started?

For some investors, it makes sense to test the waters with the use of a stock market trading simulation. Simulations are available online, through sites like MarketWatch, and they give you the opportunity to explore terminology and what it means to follow the market, without the high costs that can come with the uncertainty of  investing.

So what are the specific benefits of a stock market  simulation?

The  Terminology

For a lot of people, the most challenging part of learning the stock market is mastering the language. An essential part of being successful in your trading endeavors is understanding everything from the basic terms to the more sophisticated and advanced, and using a simulator can give you that practical experience. For example, with a simulation you can learn the details of stock pricing, and about how to use limit orders, as well as stop loss strategies, all of which are an essential part of most trading  activities.

The  Markets

A simulation can also give you an idea of how the markets work, including the NYSE, NASDAQ, Dow and the S&P 500. You’ll have the opportunity to watch the patterns of the markets, and you’re immersing yourself in the goings-on of these popular markets before you’re putting your money in. Once you use a simulation to gain a strong understanding of the technicalities of market operations, you can then move on to studying specific strategies, or taking part in trading training, such as what’s offered in classes from the Online Trading  Academy.

Making  Mistakes

Well-known traders like Thomas Bulkowski are often working to educate students and new investors about the perils that can come with investing in the stock market, but they also often reinforce the idea that mistakes are an invaluable part of the overall learning process. With a stock market simulation, you get the valuable benefits that come with learning from your investing mistakes, but you can do it in an environment that makes it safe to  fail.

Try  Strategies

Along with being a safe-to-fail environment, a market simulation gives you the opportunity to explore strategies. Maybe you’ve been interested in exploring the strategies outlined by the Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge, for example. Using a simulation can let you explore these strategies and put them into “action.” You can then refine those techniques and strategies, which will be beneficial when you jump into the actual  market.

It’s  Fun

For a lot of people, the value of a stock market simulation is that it’s like a game, and you’re not playing with real money. You’ll likely find that you enjoy it, while simultaneously learning the ins and outs of trading that will help you when the time comes to put your money into the stock  market.

Savvy investors, whether they’re new or experienced, go into all of their trading activities with knowledge and defined plans and strategies, which is why simulations can be so  beneficial.

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