5 Tips for Making Care Packages for Frontline Workers

The coronavirus crisis is a complex issue, and we all have different ideas about exactly how, as a society, we should handle it. But if there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that the healthcare workers on the front lines deserve our steadfast support. They are putting their lives on the line each and every day to help get our country through this difficult period. Many of us are doing what we can to assist doctors and nurses as the battle rages on around us. One popular way of showing support and giving workers a boost has been to send care packages to doctors and nurses. This is more than just a gesture, giving them crucial supplies along with the message that we care and we will always be there for them. But how exactly does one go about sending care packages? What should such a package include? Here are five tips for sending care packages that are practical, helpful, and meaningful, all at the same time.

Buy Wholesale and in Bulk

If you’re going to be sending a significant number of care packages, then buying retail makes no sense. Lots of small purchases will just jack up the cost of the entire operation. Goods like hand sanitizer and sweets can be bought in bulk or wholesale for a fraction of the retail price. This cost-saving measure will allow you to complete your good deed will a much smaller hit to your wallet or, better yet, give you the chance to stretch your money to buy care packages for more healthcare workers.

Include A Personal Note

Even if you are sending the care packages to doctors and nurses that you don’t know personally, a note or letter makes a big difference in how your gift is received. Impersonal packages without a note will still be appreciated, but they will seem almost factory-generated. A simple message thanking the workers for their dedication and bravery will make it seem like the heartfelt gift it really is, and will make the recipient feel even better.

Including Candies or Sweets

Candies and sweets are proven mood-boosters. After a long shift on the front lines of the coronavirus battlefield, what doctors and nurses want is something pleasurable. Sweets are a perfect option because they are easy to buy in bulk, they ship well, and almost everybody likes them. Candy is also good because nurses and doctors can share them with their families. Odds are the children in any healthcare family are missing mommy or daddy during those long days at work, and a tasty treat might provide a perfect bit of relief.

Focus on Items for Self Care

While they spend so much time looking after others, many healthcare workers might not have the chance to properly take care of themselves. Try to include in your care package little items that can help doctors and nurses stay on top of their own well-being. Lotion is always helpful, especially after a long shift wearing gloves. Lip balm is another good option, as you can imagine how daily use of a mask could dry out a person’s lips. Don’t forget hand sanitizer. Healthcare families are probably using even more of it at home than a typical household.

Try to Get Things That Last

If your neighbor is a doctor and you want to bake her a cake, go for it. But when sending out large numbers of care packages, it is best to get things that aren’t super perishable. The frontline healthcare workers are very busy people, and they might not have a chance to eat everything you get them right away. As beautiful as your cupcakes might be, healthcare workers would probably appreciate something that will last even more. That way, they can enjoy it when they get the chance without having to stress about it going bad.

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