5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Design Aesthetic

Over the course of the past two and a half years, the sales of both local and national hardware suppliers and stores across the length and breadth of the country have risen exponentially, naturally due to the fact that the majority of people were proverbially confined to barracks. 

Spending an excessive amount of time in one’s own home has resulted in a common desire to improve the atmosphere, tone, and visual effectiveness of design and décor. So, with this in mind, continue reading to discover five top ways to improve your home’s design aesthetic. 

    1. Install A Beautiful Fireplace

With energy prices set to rise shortly. The addition of a beautiful and fully functional fireplace by searching for quality fireplaces London from a respected and reputable supplier adds a warm and inviting atmosphere. You will also be able to save on your electric bill by only heating the room in which you spend the most time. 

    2. Introduce Indoor Plants

Another fantastic addition to one’s home is that of some fresh and low-maintenance indoor plants. Bringing the ‘outside in’ is currently very much on-trend with home designers and decorators and will also result in a cleaner quality of air inside your home, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, and enhanced feelings of motivation, concentration, and productivity. 

    3. Strategically Place Mirrors 

Especially in rooms that are more functional, such as the kitchen and bathroom, a great way to enhance the feeling of space and light in a room that is on the smaller side is to add a large and ornate mirror. Placing a mirror in a position on the wall where it can naturally reflect daylight from an adjacent window is also a fantastic way of bringing more space and light into the room. 

    4. Paint Neutral Walls

Perhaps, over the last few years, you have systematically gone through different rooms of your home, painting feature walls and finding bold, on-trend wallpaper prints to make each space individual. Or maybe you have instead chosen to decorate using furniture, fixtures, and fittings and have basically left the walls in a neutral cream, stone, or white?

If the former, then it is now time to reset your walls and paint them in soft blues, beiges, or creams. If the latter, you have a simpler task ahead of you, in that all you need to do is update and brighten your current neutral paintwork. 

    5. Personalize Your Spaces

Last but by no means least, the top way to improve the overall aesthetic quality of your interior living spaces is to inject some of your own personality and style.

A way of doing this is to add photographs of family and friends on the walls, shelves, or mantel. You could choose shades of your favorite color for cushions and throws in the living room, select meaningful slogans in a Warhol-style quotation board in the kitchen, or simply theming each room with subtle touches to tie everything together. 

If you were looking for ideas on boosting your home’s aesthetic, these five ideas should help give you some inspiration. 

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