6 Benefits of Green Homes

If you are a person who is looking into building a home, there is no doubt that you have put much time and energy into investigating home building. Perhaps you have looked for builders, or you may have the skills, time and experience needed to build your own home. In doing your research, no doubt you have heard about green buildings. Green building has become popular because more and more individuals are concerned about their carbon footprint, and they want to do their part in improving our world.

What is Green Building

A green build is a build that takes the environment into account. Frequently, the materials that are used on a standard build are not only toxic to the people living inside of the home, but they are also horrible for the environment. A green build also incorporates water saving and energy saving technology. A person who builds a green home may build a home that is smaller in size in order to use less resources and in order to give less of their personal energy to their home and dedicate more time to their personal pursuits. Below, we will go over six benefits of building a green home.

#1 Lower Maintenance

A green home requires lower standard maintenance than a regular home. Even though there is no way to avoid home maintenance, green homes have unique construction features incorporated within them that allow the home to use its resources in a way that is much more efficient.

#2 Better for Mother Earth

The earth is definitely suffering when it comes to global warming and climate change. All of these issues have come about because of our misuse of the land and its resources. Since a green build uses less resources, recycled resources and energy saving features, a green home is helping to conserve and replenish our world. A person who builds a green home can feel satisfied in knowing that she is doing something great for the planet.

#3 Healthier Home

A disturbing amount of features in a standard home can diminish a home’s air quality and therefore the health of the individuals who are living in the home. Since green homes are made with materials that have little to no toxicity whenever possible, the air quality in the home is better.

#4 Better For Your Budget

Since green builds are relatively new, there may be some additional cost incurred in the beginning depending on the size of your home. In the long run however, a green build will save you tons. There are tax benefits that homeowners can receive for owning a home that has solar panels. Apart from that, there are plenty of earth savvy individuals who would prefer to buy a green home thus increasing the value of the home.

#5 Better Use of Materials

A green build uses high quality and used materials for more efficiency. With better materials, updates and remodels are less necessary, and when used materials are incorporated, there is less materials being taken away from the planet.

#6 Reduces Strain on Local Resources

Since we all share water and energy sources, using energy and water saving technology benefits the entire community because there are more resources that are available for all.

Go Green for Your Build

If you are going to build a home, you do well to consider a green build. Apart from the reasons that were mentioned above, going green with your build will also afford you the peace of mind of knowing that you did something better for the world. You can sleep well every night knowing that your home provides safe air quality for your family, and that it has caused little to no damage to mother earth. Around the world there is a green movement that is constantly growing, and your green build will add to the thousands of earth conscious individuals who want to make a difference in the world.

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