7 Apps That Will Help You Create a More Efficient Workplace

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By Hailey Robinson, Special for USDR

Smartphone and tablet apps have limitless potential for businesses looking to increase sales and improve efficiency. These smart choices will streamline nearly every area of the company. From sales and marketing to finance, every department can benefit from a few well-chosen apps.

Asana for Task Management

Asana takes the to-do list above and beyond, with collaborative features that let users share projects and track progress for each member of the team. This app is ideal for the workplace environment because it allows users to set up both individual and campaign goals. Tasks are assigned to individual owners, but anyone shared on the task can see its progress, making it easy to manage large projects without hours of personal meetings and updates.

Harvest for Time Sheets

Harvest streamlines the monotonous but essential process of tracking time, expenses, and invoices. Users can time activities right in the app, then view detailed time sheets that make it clear where every second is going. The Harvest iPhone app lets users snap photos of receipts to manage expenses. Invoicing features are available through a web browser.

Google Drive for Collaborations

Google Drive makes it easy for colleagues to collaborate on documents from around the office, around the country, or around the globe. Share select spreadsheets or word processing documents with others and get to work creating a joint project remotely through drive. This is ideal for situations where a large group needs access to a single document. Google Drive is also handy for users who want a little extra cloud storage. Large files that are too big to send as an email attachment are easily uploaded to drive, where selected users can access and download them efficiently.

ScanBizCards for Networking

ScanBizCards is an essential app for anyone who regularly networks with potential clients. Take this app along to conferences, conventions, galas, business dinners, and any other event where you hope to capture some new leads. With a quick tap, you can capture business cards. The information is added to your ever-growing personal database and synched across all devices. Aside from the obvious usefulness of the app, pulling out your smartphone with a strong data plan to collect business card data is sure to impress.

Keas for Workplace Wellness

Keas is an innovative new solution for promoting wellness in the workplace. Companies must sign up to use the Keas program, but individual downloads of the app for each employee are free. With Keas, employers can create a social environment that will help workers get connected and stay healthy. The app tracks individual risk factors like blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI, and offers personalized suggestions for improving health. It also offers a newsfeed and teams for keeping up with other employees, and quizzes that will get everyone interested and engaged.

Biba for Remote Meetings

Biba helps with business calls by offering easy scheduling features, convenient log-in options, and a call roster. Participants who don’t have the app can still dial in to meetings. Biba offers screen sharing and remote mute for efficient meetings. The “we call you” feature will place an outgoing call when participants are in place and ready to begin. Biba rooms are ideal for remote collaboration, and availability icons even make this a usable option for one-on-one chats.

Introhive for Building Relationships

Introhive offers businesses a complete look at the connections and relationships that its members have with others. This is an astonishingly powerful networking tool that can help managers tap into otherwise unseen relationships. The program connects with users’ email accounts, social media, and mobile data to offer relationship scores for everyone in the company. With this information, sales reps can ask for important introductions from people in the know, and managers can assign reps to territories where they have the best relationships. It can even help marketers build better campaigns.

With the right apps, your mobile device has the potential to become a powerful tool for making new connections, building on old ones, and keeping the entire business running smoothly. Explore some of these options for transforming your company, one innovation at a time.

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