A 3-D Discussion: The Storytellers Story

By Delena Denham Dobrenchuk (3-D), Columnist, US Daily Review

They say in show business it’s not what you know, but who you know. And forthis, my first article-as a Lifestyle columnist, at US Daily Review, I had the distinct pleasure via Skype, to interview a fellow who always seems to be in the know: Scott Ross. Former DJ, actor, talk show host, author, pastor, husband, father, grandfather, cancer survivor, comedian (my favorite), and presently Senior Entertainment Reporter on “Scott Ross Uncut” at the Christian Broadcasting Network. Is there anything this man can’t do… or hasn’t done? As an admirer of his extensive work I wanted to know.

3-D: “Hi Scott, I am so thankful that God permitted me this time with you today.”

Scott Ross: “Oh, so you’re gonna blame God for this?”

3-D: “No! (laughter and banter begins) since 1992, when I worked as a prayer partner at the 700 Club, I’ve followed your career and have grown to appreciate the diversity of your topics and of those individuals whom you’ve interviewed. That’s why I decided its time to hear a more current story about your work as the storyteller.”

SR: “Well, thank you Delena. It’s nice to be here with you.”

3-D: “What we have come to know about you from your long and illustrious career is that you are a seeker of uncommon knowledge from uncommon people.” Sort of an anti-establishment God-believing apostle, I surmised.

SR: “Yes, my work and my life— God— has taken me all over”.

3-D: “Well for those who aren’t familiar with your work, take me back to the beginning . 

SR: “Have you read my book, ‘Scott-Free’? That sums up almost everything about my early years.”

3-D: “I was unable to obtain a copy prior to our interview, but please feel free to share the highlights.” See intro, as he recited them seamlessly. “Tell me, who was your first interview?”

SR: “Um wow, I really don’t remember that. That was just a really long time ago,” he laughed.

 3-D: “Well, then who was the first ‘celebrity’?”

SR: “That would be, as a matter of fact, he was on the USA Today front cover just yesterday, it was Glen Campbell.” Glen has a new album, Ghost on the Canvas, and a tour coming out, the final of each.

3-D: “Oh, I have been a fan of Glen’s for years! I love his Christian music. I listen to them even these days. They’re timeless.Who’s some of the other folks that you have remembered? In my research I found that you have interviewed everyone from world leaders to singers and authors.”

SR: “[There] is a pretty extensive list.” I wasn’t sure if I heard ‘extensive’ or ‘impressive’ either way, it’s a true statement. I have had conversations with Bobby Dylan, Alex Haley, David Berkowitz, the infamous Son of Sam, Yitzhak Rabin, John Tesh, Amy Grant, Noel Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary, ( who calls me his own, ‘John -the-Baptist’) Dion, and Willie Nelson, just to name a few.”

 3-D: “Is there one which sticks out for you?”

 SR: “Yes, John and Patsy Ramsey just after the death of their daughter.”

 3:D “Scott, don’t you live with a celebrity?” “Tell the folks whom you’ve been married to for, what 43 years, this year?”

 SR: “ Yes,” he chuckles “I’m married to Nedra Talley- Ross, member of the 1960’s girl-group, “The Ronettes” ,who’s ex-producer, is the convicted murderer, Phil Spector.”

 3:D “ Yes, we all know too well that tragic story”

 3-D: “Tell me something, you work at CBN, so how does a person who proclaims to ‘disassociate himself from Christianity’ work at one of the country’s largest Christian ministries with its founder Pat Robertson?

SR: “Well Pat is a great man and friend. He’s been there since day one for me. When I was doing radio work inMaryland, I went to a meeting inPortsmouthVirginiaand met Pat. He offered me a job as a DJ at his station, which from there, CBN then acquired five stations in upstateNew Yorkand I established them. After that I returned back to Virginia Beach where I had my own talk show, ‘Straight Talk’ where I still work today. 

3-D: “ So what’s next for Scott Ross Uncut?”

SR: “We have an interview with Olympic athlete, Marion Jones coming up, and we’re also seeking to do a story each on Tom Jones and Jane Fonda, I hear they both have had some kind of ‘spiritual reckoning’ ”

 3-D: “Are there any that got away?”

 SR: “ Yes,” he laughs,“ the Pope, but he doesn’t grant interviews”

3:D “ Scott, last question, I know you declare yourself to be a non-traditional follower of Jesus, and that your political compass hasn’t always been understood by your contemporaries, but any thoughts on the upcoming election cycle?”

 SR: “Yes, my prayer to God about them is, “ Hit’em with a big brick,God!”

 3-D: “Thank you Scott for your time, and bless you for making my first interview so memorable –I won’t forget it!”

 SR: “ Hey my pleasure and thank you and we want to let you know that CBN is having their anniversary on October 1st” “ Fifty AMAZING years,”

3-D: “That’s incredible, congrats! Blessings to you and yours!

 After hanging up, I realized to most Christians his calling may not have been a traditional or transparent course, but all along his journey truly has been a man after God’s own heart.

Delena Denham Debrenchuk loves to write… to learn more about her and her passion visit http://WordCravers.com.

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