A Healthy Credit Score Makes It Easy for Securing Bail Bonds


If you happen to have a brush with the law that results in your arrest, the first thing that will come to your mind is the possibility of landing in jail. Unless it is something petty that lawmakers can let go after a reprimand, you have to take the bail route to arrange for your release from prison. The extent of the crime determines the amount of bail that you need to pay. You can avail the same instantly after arrest without going to the court of law only if the crime is much less severe and you can be relied upon to pursue the proceedings of law even when set  free.

Facing a bail  hearing

After the arrest, a bail hearing takes place within 48 hours, and you have to wait till that time to know about the bail amount. During the hearing, a judge will determine whether or not you are eligible for bail and what the appropriate bail amount would be. Sometimes bail is denied for people who are deemed dangerous in the eyes of the law. When suspected of disrupting or influencing the judicial procedure if set free, the accused can have his/her request for bail denied. The criminal record of the arrested person and the severity of the crime are the prime considerations besides a lot of other things that the judge takes into account for determining the bail amount. Depending on how the judge evaluates the crime and the accused, there are instances when bail has been completely waived  off.

Know the total cost of securing  bail

While the prospect of securing bail is foremost in the minds of the arrested person, another thing that adds to their worries is the bail amount. It might cost you quite a significant sum of money to get out of jail. The money might not always be readily available, and you may have to look for affordable easy bail bonds that can provide the funds that you need for paying the amount. However, the money that you get comes at a cost as you have to pay the fees for the agent who provides the money. Therefore, the total financial burden that you have to bear includes additional 10 percent of the total bail amount as service charge payable to the  agent.

Credit score matters a  lot

Your credit score is considered by the bail bond company to work out your worth as a borrower, and it will determine the amount of finance that you can qualify for. Better credit scores enable you to get unsecured loans. However, if you have a bad credit rating, you may have to provide your home or other assets as security to qualify for the loan amount that can bail you  out.

If you fail to qualify for a loan, then getting another person to provide guarantee for you can be acceptable for bail bond  companies.

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