A New Scandal Rocks Veterans Administration


It seems like just yesterday that the Veterans Administration was pounded with a scandal that actually led to veterans literally dying while on hidden “waiting lists.”   Since last year a Veteran’s Administration Secretary has come in to address this and other issues, but instead it appears he has created a scandal of his own that is casting a shadow over the reform he has been trying to  pursue.

Things started rather roughly for the new Secretary, Robert McDonald, when he visited the US House of Representatives and had a confrontation with Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) that demonstrated a temperament that simply not work as the head of a department that must cooperate with the  Congress:

Meanwhile, the Secretary has been rocked by another crisis, but this of his own creation and it is one like the one that has so greatly harmed Brian Williams — he has exaggerated his experience and background.  He lied about his military service, having had claimed he was once in the Special  Forces:

Finally, the Secretary has claimed that his agency has responded decisively to the death scandal that rocked the administration just a few months ago by firing over “900 employees” that he believed fail to serve veterans properly.  Now it is being reported that he only fired  60.

The last thing this VA needed was another scandal and although the White House is coming out in support of McDonald, the future of the current Secretary remains  uncertain.

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