Aaron Schock and His Shocking Departure


Aaron Schock (R-IL) has resigned because of charges of financial irregularities.  Schock, who has been in the US House since 2009, received considerable attention for a rank-and-file member.  His youthfulness (once the youngest member of Congress) model good looks (if not behavior), and his taste for the good life made him all the buzz.  There were even rumors that he was gay, which he persistently  denied.

The thing that captured the attention of most was the the Congressman’s elaborate office.  If you ever visited it, you would think it belonged on TV and it has been compared to the set of the popular Downtown  Abby.

About a month ago the heat was on Schock as seen in an interview he had with ABC News (below) about his controversial office and the expenditures surrounding it.  Within weeks from this he would be forced to resign.  Here is that  interview:

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