Advanced Medical Technology Is Getting More Portable

A number of technological developments have graced the medical community over the past few years, but one of the most exciting trends in the medical field is that advanced medical technology is getting substantially more portable. While many people have been denied access to healthcare due to the fact that they were literally too far away from medical facilities to receive the care they deserved, newfound innovations are making it easier for medical experts to bring the tech to them.

Here’s a review of the advanced medical technology that’s becoming more portable, and why this is a serious game changer when it comes to delivering positive patient outcomes. 

MRI machines are now on the move

An MRI, short for magnetic resonance imaging, can be leveraged by medical experts to better understand what’s going on within a patient’s body. While your internal organs are normally hidden underneath layers of muscle and skin, an MRI machine can bypass these things to give doctors and nurses a clear image of organ failures or other medical problems plaguing the human body. Historically speaking, MRI machines have often been massive, expensive, heavy, and delicate devices that are largely immoble – in many instances, they literally filled much of an entire room. These days, that’s beginning to change.

The FDA recently announced that it had given the go-ahead for the development of the world’s first low-cost, portable MRI machine, according to a report from HealthImaging. Positive clinical research indicated that these devices were following through on the promises made by their developers, and medical experts now view this sort of portable MRI technology as a major breakthrough in the field of medicine. Rural patients who are far away from healthcare facilities, or patients who are immobilized within their homes, can now gain access to crucial MRI technology which can help their medical experts make better decisions. 

In the future, getting an Express MRI is probably going to be much easier than it is these days. Other medical technology is becoming portable, too, which is particularly great for those living in rural areas which are frequently devoid of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. A number of portable gadgets can now be leveraged by physicians across the globe, including portable blood analyzers and ultrasound imaging devices. Pregnant women who can’t readily leave their homes can thus enjoy the prenatal care they need to ensure their children come out happy, healthy, and strong. 

As time goes on, we can expect that additional technological developments will make access to advanced medical technologies easier and cheaper for medical experts and patients alike.

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