AdvisoryCloud Reviews Highlight 8 Reasons You Should Consider an Online Source to Build Your Advisory Board

Growing a successful company requires constant innovation in the industry; unfortunately, many executive boards surprisingly come up short-handed and offer limited insight related to the futures of their companies. For this reason, they often turn to advisory boards to provide their executive team with leadership, support, and constructive feedback.

However, one of the major barriers in building an advisory board is finding the qualified candidates for the board. Therefore, many companies are relying on online sources to build their advisory board, such as AdvisoryCloud. Using such platforms provides companies the chance to build an advisory board specific to their needs. Satisfied industry innovators have discussed these benefits in reviews of their experiences with online sourcing platforms.

“I’d recommend this to any proactive executive. The system really works if you make it work for you. It only took me five minutes a day to apply to the board positions interesting to me and maybe a half-hour per week to listen to the continuing education media available. I was online only three months and I’d been able to earn my CBE, participate in an executive advisory council, and now named to a board.” – Phil Yamamoto, SweetWorks Confections, LLC

It saves time and money. Although the benefits of building an advisory board are obvious, many companies overlook them due to the time and effort that one has to invest upfront in order to find qualified candidates. In other scenarios, companies may try to quicken that process and select candidates that are ultimately not a perfect fit. Both of these choices can be detrimental to the future of a company and reduce the company’s opportunities to expand and adopt new concepts. However, there is a new solution, and that is using an online source, such as AdvisoryCloud, to help identify qualified candidates. The platforms are simple and easy to use, and they utilize the most innovative technologies to help reduce the time spent on identifying your next board.

“…The quality of the candidates is outstanding, and the mutual vetting feature of AdvisoryCloud process helps ensure a good fit. We interviewed eleven candidates, all of whom were excellent…”Mark W. Sickels, CEO at SuperOrg, Inc.

Helps select qualified candidates…Again, in a timely manner. Sifting through endless applicants can indeed be timely and costly. Furthermore, many of the candidates that companies spend their time reviewing turn out to have mismatched qualifications. Therefore, by using online platforms which utilize AI to identify qualified candidates, companies can reduce their spending and expedite the timeline of finding that right candidate for an important advisory position. In addition, companies such as AdvisoryCloud provide the first-round review to ensure that the candidate aligns with the resume they’re associated with. This verification process ensures that the company loses no valuable time during the hiring process.

“AdvisoryCloud connected me with my first board position, and it’s a great fit. AdvisoryCloud platform enables me to narrow searches that are best suited for my background and sends alerts when I need to respond to an opportunity.” – Jim Kensinger, Vice President at Johnny Rockets

Using technology improves the process. Not only does AI help companies select potential candidates, but the technology embedded in the Advisory Cloud platform, for example, provides opportunities for individuals seeking openings on advisory boards that cannot be found in any traditional setting. Applicants can set up notifications that alert them any time a position that fits their criteria is posted. This ensures that all qualified candidates are provided the opportunity to apply to the selected positions.

“As a startup in the idea phase, the ability to connect with advisors I feel has been invaluable in filling some of the key holes in my company. I would advise anyone bootstrapping a startup to take advantage of AdvisoryCloud!” – Shannon Johnson, Founder at The Sustainable Collective

Helps startups from the beginning. Furthermore, for those companies in the beginning stages of development, online sources provide valuable information that otherwise may not be available. Information is key, and these online platforms have developed comprehensive databases to ensure that companies can be connected with qualified candidates around the country, not just in their specific area.

“Finding expert advisors in the construction, mining, and oil and gas exploration industries is a big enough challenge, but finding experts that have experience in blasting and demolition on top of it is nearly impossible. I knew I had to go beyond my network of colleagues to find qualified candidates, and AdvisoryCloud exceeded my expectations. Within two months, I had a team of highly specialized advisors on board ready for action.” – Frank Magnotti, CEO at Petram Technologies

Provides board members for specialized industries. For those companies that work in niche markets filling unique needs, online platforms offer a solution to the problems that come with finding narrow expertise by providing an avenue to connect with other individuals who are qualified in the selected area of experience. No longer will executives need to sink time into researching educated people in their specific industry, but instead they can now use an online platform to be matched with people from all around the country who are qualified. This removes the geographical barriers that prevented previous methods of  building an advisory board from being successful, and it ensures that each company only selects the top candidates in their fields.

“AdvisoryCloud provides a robust platform for matching growing companies with experienced board members. The key is to fully utilize the site and apply to all suggested opportunities. I have been successfully matched by AdvisoryCloud with two companies that would never have been on my radar. AdvisoryCloud is a great place to showcase my unique skills among hundreds of organizations who need what I share.” – Michael Harris, CEO at Michael Harris Group, Inc.

Assists individuals in expanding their network. The benefit of an online platform applies not only to the hiring company but also to the individuals applying for a position on a board. Many people, especially those new to joining boards, can be halted in the early phases of their exploration due to the limited knowledge they have on how to go about finding the right boards. Thanks to sites such as AdvisoryCloud, they can focus on their abilities and let the site do its job of pairing them with the appropriate companies.

“Our advisors have been exceptional in presenting us with opportunities to grow and gain momentum in the marketplace. They’ve provided us with business advice, new contacts and connections, and partnerships with brands like Garmin and Under Armour. I could not be happier with the talent I found through AdvisoryCloud.” – Tristan Chaudry, Founder and CEO at Fry Egg

Enables business development. Establishing and cultivating a large network is one way to grow a business, and by creating a board that is widely distributed across the states, companies can be introduced to a large number of connections. This opportunity is expanding their business development opportunities; again, those that would have been previously limited with traditional methods have access to larger talent pools in parts of the country from which they were previously isolated. In addition, companies are now introduced to innovative concepts that allow them to continue to grow and expand in the ever-changing world of technology in which we currently live in.

“Through AdvisoryCloud I not only connected with phenomenal candidates for my advisory board, I connected with someone who was such a great fit that they’re quarterbacking the process of us raising $6.5 MM for our company.” – Zain Hasan, Founder and CEO at National Insurance and HR Consulting Group

Going above and beyond. Not only are companies able to connect with individuals that can help with business development, but they are now also connected to experts who can assist them in various other elements of their business. For example, AdvisoryCloud has helped clients match with individuals that assist in raising capital, which is an unexpected benefit of an advisory board.

In the end, if you want your business to flourish, an advisory board can provide the insight and resources necessary. However, finding the right individuals is an essential step. Therefore, turning to an online platform to pair you with qualified candidates might be just the resource your company needs.

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