African-American Consumer Trends

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Now in its 10th edition, this report analyzes consumer spending and demographic trends for the African-American population in the United States. Packaged Facts defines the African-American population as including individuals who identify in Census Bureau data as “black or African-American alone,” regardless of whether they also identify as Hispanic. This definition is consistent with the data categories used by forecasting groups such as the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia. The terms “black” and “African-American” are used interchangeably in this  report.


The primary source of consumer data in this report is the Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS) for Winter 2015/2016, which was fielded between February and March 2016. The report uses the Spring 2006 NCS for trend analysis tables. On an ongoing basis, Simmons conducts booklet-based surveys of a large and random sample of consumers (approximately 25,000 for each 12-month survey compilation) who in aggregate represent a statistically accurate cross-section of the U.S.  population.

U.S. Government sources include data from the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES) of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The CES tracks expenditures of “consumer units,” which are equivalent to Census Bureau “households.” This Packaged Facts report uses the term “households” for the sake of consistency. The report compares consumer expenditure patterns in the CES covering the 12-month period from mid-2014 through mid-2015 with those in the survey covering the 12-month period ending in  mid-2012.

The primary Census Bureau source used in this report is the American Community Survey (ACS). Data from ACS date back to 2005. The latest available ACS data cover 2014. Census Bureau population estimates and projections as well as data from the Current Population Survey are also used where  appropriate.

The report is also based on data from a range of industry sources, including company websites, press releases, trade publications, business newspapers and magazines and consumer  blogs.
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