All About the Mood

By HeadsUP!, Special for  USDR

“Wouldn’t it be awesome to turn your house to party mode on your way back from work – setting your Sonos to your favorite track, Nest to 70 degrees, and lighting to that cool blue?”, grins Arnab Raychaudhuri, founder of  HeadsUP!, a San Francisco startup. After leaving his job at the Pentagon, Arnab spent months working with industry experts to build HeadsUP!, an aftermarket head-up display that wirelessly connects to your smartphone in the car. 2 years and over 20 prototypes later, the company has finally arrived at a simple and safe solution that is purely voice controlled. The company is working with Amazon in using Alexa Voice Services to integrate HeadsUP! with their connected ecosystem; so a driver can send messages, get directions or ask HeadsUP! to set their living room temperature on their way home on a wintry day, all without touching their  smartphone.

“The human machine interaction is changing from artificially imparted intelligence to a more naturally intuitive process,” adds Arnab. Using Alexa, HeadsUP! users can interact with the unit by simply talking to it in natural language without having to remember specific commands. During the two years in making, HeadsUP! has been featured in numerous publications and been a finalist in various startup competitions including the NVIDIA Early Ventures  Challenge.

The company is launching their pre-order campaign at on February 18, 2016. Customers can order HeadsUP! at a reduced price of $299.99 during the pre-order  campaign.

About  HeadsUP!

HeadsUP! is a technology startup based in San Francisco. The company was incorporated in 2015 with the development of their first product, HeadsUP!. The company’s mission is to invent from the ground up and enhance consumer lifestyle by making cutting-edge technology an affordable reality. To learn more, please visit


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