All You Need to Know About Used Golf Course Equipment

It’s important to have the right set of tools and equipment to maintain your golf course. Top notch maintenance equipment, will enable you to run and manage the golf course turf and provide the best conditions for your patrons.

Here’s a list of some most important types of equipment needed to take care of the course.


It’s the most important tool needed as mowing involves half of the goal course maintenance. There are different types of these used golf course mowers for sale available, to keep a well-managed course which is as follows:

  • Golf green mower
  • Walk-behind mower
  • Triplex mower
  • Collar mower
  • Tee mower
  • Approach mower
  • Fairway mower
  • Rough mower

All these mowers are used golf course mowers that deliver different types of mowing like triplex mowers are used to mow at different heights or for performing larger operations you will need advanced mowers.

Utility Vehicle 

This equipment will help your workers to move from one place to another with the mower quickly. The trailer will not just help in moving mowers, but it will help in transportation of all other tools, parts and machines needed.

Handheld and Backpack Blowers

This equipment is necessary to help you remove leaves, debris and grass junk from the field.

These two blowers will be of great help for your workers while working in the field with the help of them they can remove debris instantly.


This is yet another most useful tool that a golf course manager should own is a grinding machine. It will help you in many places in maintaining your golf course. Typically, there are three types of grinder used which provide you with different types of grinding, which are: 

  • Bed Knife Grinder
  • Reel Grinder 
  • Wheel Grinder

Portable Soil Moisture Meter 

This one will make you measure the moisture content of soil so that you don’t end up destroying the grass and its texture with watering it less or more than needed. This portable soil moisture meter used golf course equipment checks soil moisture up to a certain depth.

This equipment will also help in improving the irrigation system and save a lot of water which makes it an essential tool.


This tool will help you to cut and trim trees which can’t be done using golf course mower and turfgrass equipment. So, this chainsaw will help you and ensure trees in the course are finally trimmed.

Hole Cutters 

This equipment is of great help, and you will need to have multiple hole cutters. There is a wide range of hole cutters available to choose like a heavy-duty cutter which helps in cutting holes of different lengths and diameters. You can also use a hole cutter which will help you cut holes all by yourself.

Hydraulic Lifter 

This is the essential used golf course equipment; it helps you to move faulty mowers and other machines. So, you must own it as it will help both on and off the field.

Small Tools 

There are also some small tools which you will need for maintenance of the golf course. Few of these are: 

  • Shovels
  • Rakes
  • Pry Bars 
  • Metal Detectors 
  • Edger
  • Trimmers 
  • Air Compressor 
  • Welder 
  • Brooms
  • Picks
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Wire Tracer
  • Torch and more

The golf course maintenance will become more comfortable if you own all these equipment and tools. Go and buy different types of used golf course equipment for sale.

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