Alumni Say Flexibility and Faculty Support Place University of Phoenix Above the Rest

University of Phoenix is determined to help its students succeed. With a keen appreciation of its key demographics, University of Phoenix encourages all individuals to advance their education while maintaining compassion for understanding the current demands of each student.

Many University of Phoenix students are working adults who are either finishing their degree, earning a certificate or advancing their education through a graduate program. The University offers flexibility in its online course offerings, touting that classes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This method has proven effective in attracting students in states across the country.

University of Phoenix also offers on-campus learning for those students who learn best in person and provides a variety of cost-saving options that help students graduate and enter the workforce prepared to lead.

Recently, the college announced its 3+1 Transfer Program, providing cost-saving benefits to students earning their degree in high-demand industries. The 3+1 Transfer Program allows students to earn the majority of their eligible credits at the community college level (up to 87 credits) and then transfer to University of Phoenix during their final year where they will earn the remaining 33 credits needed to graduate.

Enhancing Educational Knowledge to Become an Industry Leader

University of Phoenix graduate Missy Martin enjoyed a profession as a public school educator but knew that she wanted to continue her educational career as well. She obtained her Master of Arts in Education while maintaining her full-time job and being a mom to three boys.

Martin notes that the program was conducive to her professional career and advancement. She says, “Everything I learned in the program was 100 percent relevant to my career.” A life-long learner, Martin lives by the motto that “If you’re not challenged, you’re not learning anything.”

She is grateful to University of Phoenix for allowing her the flexibility to earn her graduate degree and to her instructors for providing relevant, real-world experience.

Alma Villa is another University of Phoenix alumna who knew that enhancing her educational background could lead her to being recognized as an industry leader. Villa wanted to obtain her MBA but was nervous that she would be stuck in a stuffy, boring, executive-type learning experience. She was pleasantly surprised when she enrolled in the University’s graduate program and found that the class sizes were small and instructors were engaging.

“Being able to obtain an MBA in 18 months is valuable because I have a busy life,” Villa says. “I enjoyed the flexibility of my schedule and the classroom setting. All instructors are industry leaders so I could get real-life experience from them.” She notes the value provided by the instructors made her feel comfortable and confident to move ahead in her career.

Instructors Provide Current Industry Experiences to Promote Success After Graduation

University of Phoenix graduates say that the flexibility offered throughout their time at the University was a major advantage in enrolling at the school. Secondly, students are continually surprised by the level of current industry experience the instructors possess.

The instructors at University of Phoenix bring an average of 26 years of working experience to the classroom. Not only are they passionate about their students’ educational success, but they are also invested in providing real-world experiences within their classes. Understanding what employers are looking for now, as opposed to when they began their teaching career, is a crucial step in ensuring students are prepared to enter their careers upon graduation.

University of Phoenix alumnus Spencer Carpenter enrolled after spending three years in the financial services industry helping clients manage their assets. He says he knew that obtaining his degree would catapult his career.

As a new father already working 50 hours a week, Carpenter needed a flexible option. He went on to complete his bachelor’s degree as well as obtain an MBA and is now recognized as an industry leader. He recently earned recognition as 40 Under 40: Black Leaders of Today and Tomorrow in Legacy South Florida Magazine.

Carpenter credits the well-established coursework designed by his instructors for his success. The combination of individual and group work helped prepare him for real-world practice. “It isn’t just theoretical learning,” he said. “It’s what real life is all about. What you learn about working with others in those interactions is crucial to success.”


About University of Phoenix

Founded in 1976 by economist Dr. John Sperling, University of Phoenix is now North America’s largest for-profit online university, helping students further their educational journey with flexible options to obtaining a degree. The University is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and offers online and on-campus learning in states across the country.

University of Phoenix maintains an innovative approach to helping working adults enhance their careers by offering flexible schedules, relevant courses and interactive learning options. With over 100,000 students enrolled, the University serves a diverse student population in advancing their education from obtaining certificates to entering graduate programs. The 3+1 Transfer Program is one of the innovative ways the University works to enhance the talent pipeline in communities across the country.

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