American Van Lines: Pricing And Services

American Van Lines is a popular and reliable moving company that provides full-service moving. This company handles every aspect of moving from packing to storage to dismantling furniture to transporting and reassembling furniture.


1. Storage And Moving

Not every moving company offers a storage service, but at American Van Lines, customers can take advantage of storage services upon request. Storage for the first month is free, and then a reasonable rate is charged every month after that.

American Van Lines offers a private storage service with various options on offer. For maximum security and privacy, this company also offers personal-storage vaults. The storage facilities are secure and safe with 24-hour camera surveillance. If you are planning to hire them, a detailed American Van Lines review can help you find if they are suitable and affordable for you.

2. Piano’s And Antiques

Expensive china, fine collectible art pieces, and valuable family heirlooms are often items that homeowners are worried about when relocating or moving to another home. American Van Lines is one of those moving companies that have a team of certified and experienced antique movers that have the necessary training on how to handle these fragile and valuable items. They also have a team of piano moving experts that know how to correctly dismantle and move pianos so that each treasured piece remains intact throughout each moving process.

3. Crating And Packing

American Van Lines provides full-moving services that accommodate all the packaging needs of their customers. The team of certified movers is trained on how to secure items using high-quality and reliable custom and crating boxes from wardrobe boxes, mirror cases, mattress boxes, along with a range of other supplies.


AVL (American Van Lines) is a company that understands the concerns that many customers have when it comes to working out a moving budget. This makes sense since moving companies’ industry is still attached to a stigma that hiring movers is an expense that many families cannot afford. Here is more information on how to work out moving estimates and ways to make their moving processes more affordable.

How Is A Moving Cost Estimated?

When receiving a quote from moving companies, it is essential to understand how the company came up with the price. Here is the 3-step process that explains how a moving estimate is typically created.

1. Distance

When considering the gas mileage and other factors that a professional moving company has to work out when it comes to distance, it is evident that distance is one of the main factors when working out an estimate for a move. For example, if a customer plans to move into a home that is only 5 miles away, this is a far easier move for moving companies than a long-distance mover that covers 2,000 miles. As the distance starts to increase, so do the risks of delivery delays caused by mechanical issues or traffic delays, along with the possibility of damages to the items in the moving truck. This is usually why when completing an online form to apply for a moving quote, professional moving companies like American Van Lines will first ask the customer to enter their current address, followed by the new address.

2. Weight

In addition to the overall distance of a move, the weight of the goods transported is another critical factor used to determine a moving estimate. Working out the weight of the move involves creating an inventory list of all the items that will go in the moving truck. This is why it is always recommended that customers only include what they need—getting rid of old and broken items before the move can help customers to save on moving costs. The weight of a move is also assessed to determine how much labor is required. This typically means how many certified movers are required to complete the move. The weight will also determine the truck’s size and the amount of gas required to move from one location to another. With this in mind, it becomes easier for customers to understand how the weight of a move is one of the main contributing factors when it comes to working out the price.

3. Other Moving Services

Once the move’s weight and distance have been established, there are also other moving services that need to be accounted for. From shuttle trucks to storage units, the price of the move can escalate quickly. For customers that are interested in a full-service move, these services involve packing, unpacking, storage, assembling, and disassembling furniture, and in some instances, comprehensive cleaning services.

For customers who decide to hire a professional moving company like American Van Lines to perform all these moving tasks, the move’s price will increase. It is also essential to consider specialty items. It is more difficult and complex to transport items like grand pianos or pool tables than to move normal furniture items.

For customers who own many hard-to-move items, this usually means that their move will cost more when compared to a standard move. It is also important for customers to think about anything that may make it harder for a moving company. By allowing the movers to park as close as possible to the home and having an elevator in working condition, this can help avoid an added expense such as long-carry fees, which often contribute significantly to the overall price of the move.

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