American Women Stressed About Decorating For Holidays


72 percent of American women are planning to decorate their homes for the holidays and more than one third of them (36 percent) are stressed about it, a new national survey commissioned by Tamara Eaton Design has found.

On average, Americans will spend $188.64 to decorate their homes for the holidays. American men ($215.54) will outspend women($169.31) by 27 percent.

“Interestingly, men will outspend women decorating their homes for the holidays. But men and women over 50 will spend the most at$231.34 on decorations – 68 percent more than Americans under 40,” Interior designer, Ms. Eaton said.

The 2014 Holiday Home Decorating study conducted by Newlio found that a majority of Americans were planning to entertain and decorate their homes for the holidays and were stressed about it.

“The holidays are for spending time with our family and friends and yet with the many responsibilities people have, entertaining guests and decorating their homes are leaving many people stressed,” Ms. Eaton said.

The top three reasons women gave for the stress associated with decorating were: general mess and untidiness (44 percent), the cost of decorating (32 percent) and having too little time to decorate (31 percent).

“American women in particular were stressed about mess in the home, the cost of decorating and lack of time,” Ms. Eaton said.

Americans with children are 27 percent more likely to decorate for the holidays and 84 percent more likely to be stressed about the cost of decorating than those without children. Stress about the cost of decorating peaked in the Southeast region, with two out of three men and women stressed about it.

Across the country, women express varying degrees of stress related to decorating for the holidays. In the Rocky Mountain region, where stress levels rank highest, some 50 percent of women are stressed. Compared with the Plains region, where just 17 percent of women say they are stressed about decorating.

“Most Americans want to make their homes festive without the added stress.  If they follow 7 easy decorating steps, their homes will be holiday-ready in no time,” Ms. Eaton said.

1. Choose your colors; 2. Pick a theme; 3. Tidy up the clutter; 4. Create a fresh holiday wreath; 5. Powder your nose in theme; 6. Set a table to delight all senses; and 7. Wrap your gifts in style.

SOURCE Tamara Eaton Design

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