America’s Autocratic Rule

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Patrick Burke of CNS News was on the Price of Business to discuss the antics of Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD), the House Minority Leader.  In a shocking exchange, Hoyer seemed surprised to be asked a question about the President taking an executive approach in implementing the Dream Act. The President himself said last year that such a policy would require Congressional approval. Now, members of the legislative branch seem indifferent to this apparent abuse of executive power.
Here is the article by Burke at CNS News:

Congress seems very content to defer authority to the Executive Branch.

When asked where in the Constitution the Executive Branch is given the authority to grant illegal aliens work permits, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) did not answer directly, saying “I didn’t anticipate that question” and adding that he thinks administration prosecutors have “discretion” under the Constitution when it comes to immigration enforcement, and that it is therefore “appropriate”for the president to give work permits to some illegal aliens.At a news briefing on Capitol Hill today, asked Hoyer: “President Obama said Friday his administration would grant ‘work authorization’ to some illegal aliens, and I’m wondering where specifically does the Constitution authorize the Executive Branch to permit illegal aliens to work in the United States?”

The number-two House Democrat responded: “I think the — I didn’t anticipate that question in terms of having looked at it, but let me give you my best cut at it.”

“The president of the United States has the responsibility to execute the laws of the United States,” said Hoyer,  “and what he has said is — in terms of prosecutorial discretion — that he wants to give these folks under three defined parameters an ability to have a two-year waiver, which could be re-applied for in order for them to continue to go to school and/or to work.”

“I think that’s appropriate, I think [that’s in] the best interest of our country and that’s why the president has taken that action,” said Hoyer.  “[And] in terms of prosecutors clearly have discretion in terms of what cases they’re going to bring or not bring and I don’t think anybody questions that under… (read more)

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