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Residents of Orlando shine when it comes to saving money, as theFlorida city took the number one ranking on the ‘Most Frugal U.S. Cities’ list, according to the 2013 Savings Index1 released today by Incorporated (NYSE: COUP). Orlando overtook Atlanta, which had held the top spot for four years running. Tampa landed the number two position, with Washington D.C., Nashville and Charlotte rounding out the top five.

“315 billion coupons were issued in the U.S. in 2013, giving consumers more than $510 billion in potential savings,” saidJeanette Pavini, household savings expert. “While consumers clamor for savings across the entire country, the Midwest and Southeast dominate the most frugal U.S. cities list, owning more than half of the top 25 slots.”

Washington D.C. jumped into the top ten, advancing eight spots to number three and pushing Atlanta out of the top five. Raleighmade the biggest jump overall, moving to the number 10 spot, from number 36 in 2012. Indianapolis was the second biggest gainer, moving up 16 spots to land at number 11.

The Southeast landed every one of the top six slots, taking eight spots on this year’s list. But that still didn’t keep it from being edged out by the number one region overall – the Midwest. Nine cities in the Heartland made the list, with Cleveland excelling over its neighbors and taking the number seven slot.

Ohio remains the country’s most frugal state. The Buckeye state is represented three times on the list – Cleveland (#7),Columbus (#13), and Cincinnati (#18).

The 25 top Most Frugal Cities are Orlando (#1), Tampa (#2), Washington D.C. (#3), Nashville (#4), Charlotte (#5), Atlanta (#6),Cleveland (#7), Kansas City (#8), Denver (#9), Raleigh (#10), Indianapolis (#11), St. Louis (#12), Columbus (#13), San Francisco (#14), Philadelphia (#15), Virginia Beach (#16), Phoenix (#17), Cincinnati (#18), Dallas (#19), Boston (#20),Minneapolis (#21), Milwaukee (#22), Chicago (#23), Pittsburgh (#24), and Providence (#25).

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Most On-the-Go Frugal U.S. Cities

Orlando residents proved again they turn to mobile devices to save, as the Florida city retained the number one spot on the ‘Most On-the-Go Frugal U.S. Cities’ list, according to the Savings Index. The index is calculated based on usage of coupons with’s Grocery iQ and mobile apps.

“More and more, consumers are looking to their smart phones and other mobile devices to help them shop and save,” continued Pavini. “Mobile offers the ultimate in convenience and makes it easy to access savings at home, on the go and even in the store.”

Kansas City took the number two position on the mobile list, with Atlanta, Charlotte and Cleveland rounding out the top five.

The Southwest and Midwest tied for the number one most frugal region of the country, each taking eight spots on the mobile list. Texas and Ohio tied for the top state, each with three cities on this year’s mobile list.

San Antonio (#18), Las Vegas (#20), Houston (#21), and Austin (#22) made the mobile list, but not overall list, highlighting that residents of these cities prefer to click their coupons from smart phones or other mobile devices.

Indianapolis (#9) and San Antonio (#18) made the biggest jumps, moving up 18 and 12 spots, respectively.

The top 25 Most On-the-Go Frugal Cities are Orlando (#1), Kansas City (#2), Atlanta (#3), Charlotte (#4), Cleveland (#5),Washington D.C. (#6), Tampa (#7), Columbus (#8), Indianapolis (#9), Nashville (#10), Dallas (#11), Philadelphia (#12), St. Louis (#13), Virginia Beach (#14), Milwaukee (#15), Raleigh (#16), Denver (#17), San Antonio (#18), Phoenix (#19), Las Vegas(#20), Houston (#21), Austin (#22), Pittsburgh (#23), Cincinnati (#24), and Chicago (#25).

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1 Savings Index ranks greater metro areas (with a population of 1,500,000 or more) based on each area’s total issued coupon savings (including coupons printed or saved to a store loyalty or rewards program) on and the network in 2013 relative to its population size. With an index of 222, Orlando residents are more than 2 times more likely to print coupons or save them to a store loyalty or rewards program than the average American city dweller.

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