Amnesty and Obamacare – A Dangerous Pair

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for USDR

Amnesty is not and never was about having compassion for Hispanics, despite Obama’s ongoing defense over his executive action. It’s actually about creating a more permanent lower class of uneducated and impoverished people who will vote in the political favor of its creators blindly for generations to come. Ferguson is not about white cops shooting unarmed black teens for no particular reason. It’s about keeping people blinded by anger and using it as a tool to distract the societal masses from the fact that there are now five million new people in our country that will be additional job competitors.

Why? Well, there is a big, gaping loophole in the Affordable Care Act. President Obama’s decision to grant temporary amnesty lasting 3 years to about 5 million (now legal) immigrants makes them legally eligible for work permits, and yet ineligible for public benefits, such as Obamacare. Under this policy, business owners are required by federal law to provide their employees with health coverage. Those who do not will be fined by the government, but since the 5 million newly legal immigrants are not allowed to have Obamacare, employers who hire them will not have to pay the $3,000 penalty for not providing health coverage. In my award winning and best-selling book, Sell Your Business For More Than It’s Worth, I showcase my work with thousands of business buyers and sellers. While their interests lie in polar-opposition to each other (one wants to pay less and the other wants to receive more) I will tell you that the one thing they both have in common is that both want the biggest bang for their bucks. Rich business people are shrewd, so of course they are 5 million people more likely to hire the more attractive foreigners versus a similar native-born worker if it will save them and cut costs by $3,000 more attractive than a similar native-born worker.

With Congress scheduled to shut down December 11th, the next two weeks are going to be a mad dash to take care of business before its session concludes. House Republicans would like to pass a bill to grant tax incentives that would allow disabled citizens to store their money away tax-free. While the bill is an uplifting thought that would help motivate struggling people to take a bigger step towards self-empowerment, (not enabling them like Obama does) this is not happening. Instead, Congress will be struggling to repair the damage Obama has inflicted upon the country he initially pledged to protect. I have never seen a President so good at being so bad at his job, and because the people are increasingly in agreement about our current president’s incompetency and lack of regards to the concept of governmental system built upon a system of checks and balances. The first big action Obama did after his political party lost the recent mid-term election was to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get jobs, not for working families to get jobs. Is he a poor loser, mad because he couldn’t rig the elections and get his own way? And with so many issues and with so little time left, Republican leaders are struggling with choices over which issues to clear now, while Democrats retain control of the Senate, and which issues to hold off until next year, when the next Congress is sworn in, and when Republicans will have control of the Senate and a larger House majority.

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