An Overview of Freshdesk and Freshservice Tools from a Consumer Perspective

In the current 2021, not only competing tools from different vendors are available to users. Sometimes the same developer offers two products of similar functionality, which compete for the title of the best. In the case of Freshdesk and Freshservice, consumers received two platforms from the same developer, confusing. Of course, these two tools have a lot in common – they are both aimed at optimizing the work of your company. To clarify the situation, which of the products is better, we will compare these two tools by conducting a detailed analysis. In the course of the investigation, we will compare each aspect, including a set of basic and additional functions, as well as a price-performance ratio.

First impression

Freshdesk and Freshservice products are two separate products that, despite the similarity of functionality, initially have different goals. When we say Freshdesk, we mean a dedicated service that helps in optimizing customer service. At the same time, Freshservice is a powerful IT support tool used by developers. The technologies behind these services are indeed very different.

Freshservice (also known as ITSM tool) — used by the team to perform IT tasks of varying complexity. For example, this service is often used if you need to configure remote control of several devices or licenses at once. The process takes place using a traditional helpdesk with individually configurable functions.

Freshdesk is the ideal tool for creating knowledge base content, answering frequently asked questions, and customizing self-service portals. This service provides a fairly wide range of intuitive and customizable customer experiences. With the help of Freshdesk, the workload on agents is significantly reduced and the status of the current state of the company’s service is significantly improved.

Detailed functional overview

When comparing multiple products, it is extremely important to understand what features they offer. In this overview, we will look at the main features of both Freshdesk and Freshservice from the point of view of the most important to customers.

Detailed overview of Freshservice service functions:

  • Separate SLA management module

This option allows you to accurately work with customer expectations, accompanying the process with a detailed expectation report. This module makes it easier to get feedback from users by reducing customer dissatisfaction.

  • Events dashboard

With the help of this tool, each incident is recorded with subsequent transformation into a task. The program also assigns the most optimal options for solving these problems in a cover letter to agents. This option is most useful for large companies with a large flow of visitors or buyers.

  • Current Problems Control Panel

Analyses the root causes of problems and allows you to solve them more rationally. The tool also allows you to isolate one or more issues using a separate timeline.

  • «Inventory» section

The system is used to collect data about documents or equipment, and also creates a hierarchy of content, classifying it according to the degree of importance.

  • Asset Lifecycle function

It is used to manage the collected databases, regardless of their final purpose (maintenance, purchase, etc.). It is most often used in IT companies, allowing you to comprehensively trace each stage of working with data.

  • Team Huddle Section

This small but extremely important option allows you to combine several employees (even from different departments of the company) in one task. Each participant in the process can leave comments and notes if necessary.

Detailed overview of Freshdesk service features:

  • Incoming commands

The Team Inbox tool allows you to receive and review each of the incoming requests in a separate window. In addition, this tool has its own token (API) and can be integrated into any open-source tool.

  • Collision Detection Section

The function optimizes work when two employees are simultaneously working on the solution of the same problem. Each agent will see the status of the application and will be able to independently select the most significant problem in terms of importance. The option is used in large organizations with a constant stream of consumer requests.

  • Section of ready-made solutions

Another feature that helps streamline the user experience. Thanks to this section, agents always have a template with answers to frequently asked questions before their eyes.

  • Social media block

This system allows you to combine several different social media platforms into one database. The option supports all legal social platforms, allowing you to work with them on one screen.

  • Content data analytics

This option allows you to track traffic indicators, user comments, and also displays statistics on bounce rates. A detailed report is compiled for each version of the articles, with information about the problems that users encounter when visiting the page.

  • Support reports

Freshdesk encourages employees to use pre-built templates to collect different types of information. Such a reporting system best demonstrates the indicators of the usefulness of each agent or page on the site.

  • Customer Segments section

The option allows you to sort requests from clients depending on the type of assistance required. Similar requests can be grouped and assigned to one or more employees to solve them. This feature not only simplifies the management of incoming data but also allows you to process a large amount of information.

Pricing principle for Freshdesk and Freshservice tools

Each of these tools has several pricing plans suitable for different purposes. Below is a table with comparative data on the cost of one of the service packages.

Freshdesk Estate plan (49 $ – the cost of monthly subscription)

  • Automate tasks
  • Configuring Member Roles
  • Setting up site functions
  • Corporate reports
  • Multiple SLAs and time zones

Freshservice Estate plan ($ 79 – the cost of monthly subscription)

  • Management of any changes in databases and assigned tasks
  • License management
  • Customizable employee roles
  • Advanced security functionality
  • Analytics tools
  • Advanced project management capabilities

The lower cost of a Freshdesk subscription is due to the smaller feature set compared to Freshservice. In addition to the above example, both services have several more tariff plans, differing in price and sets of options. When choosing the most suitable product for your company, the specifics of the type of activity of the organization and the number of incoming requests from users should be followed. In addition, if Freshservice is the best choice for the ITSM industry, Freshdesk is the ideal option for e-commerce.

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