Are you the next Domestic Diva?

Some time over the last 30 years something happened to the way people look at all things domestic.  In the old days there would be the popular gourmet or chef, the expert on “finishing touches” for the home, and such.  But rarely were there domestic celebrities.  Martha Stewart changed all that, bringing celebrity status to food, housewares, and everything domestic.  Since her rise there have been many more players brought to the forefront. is looking for the next domestic diva for our lifestyles column.  Do you know how to make homes, meals, and everything else domestic interesting to readers? We want to hear from you.  Our domestic diva will be asked to write weekly articles and will have the opportunity to discuss her work on the Price of Business radio show in Houston, Texas.

There may be multiple openings for this kind of talent, so feel free to contact us at  We want to hear from you.

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