Aristotelian Virtues Are Better than the Romance of Purple Majesties

By Sheryl Devereaux, Contributor for US Daily Review.

There is an argument afloat that all the good people should just give up, head for the hills and let the rest self-destruct. Though the romantic thought of retiring to a reclusive domain in the Smokey Mountains sounds appealing, I cannot express how self-destructing that would be. It is a total surrender of all that is worth saving, restoring and honoring in our God-given system and it threatens to poison every last bastion of innocence left.

Ditching the system is what lead to where we are. How does that solve the problem? THAT is more of the same. We can blame our “leaders” all we want for our current situation, but the simple and clear fact is WE caused the problem by bailing on our responsibility decades ago. The reality is that we ditched the system, and we need to get back in it–be fully committed to it, not in talk alone. Ours was never a system that worked by diatribe but by works.

No amount of hilly retreats will fix the problem. Every place we run to will have the same problems because we are, as some periodically point out with the troubles of Californians, (who are neither the problem nor the only problem–just an easy target) who move elsewhere, just carrying the problems with us in our backpacks.

There is still much more to appreciate and preserve than to run from. There are people in our neighborhoods worth associating with; children worth teaching, truth worth sharing, beauty worth spreading; hope worth building; talents worth expanding. And while we may need obvious correction, there is still much more goodness to purify the bad.

We need to clear the stench, not with purging alone, but fill the barren landscape with the beauties of Aristotelian virtues. Long abandoned, but once restored our answers will be where we stand, not where we wish in romantic refuge to be.

We’re really good at bellyaching, but we need to storm our reps. offices. Storm their town hall meetings. Demand to know what they are doing to charge people with treason, malfeasance, high crimes and misdemeanors–part of the purge. We whine to each other–we’re preaching to the choir. But moving to no-man’s-land is worse. We need to take our voices one step further, combine them and look in a better direction than purple mountains full of elusive majesty. We can run but we cannot hide.

Sheryl Devereaux is a prolific writer and researcher, speaker, and radio commentator on the Constitution and public policy. You can listen to her show, Foundation of a Nation on or find her on facebook, and on twitter @sheryldevereaux.

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