Attack Ad by Dewhurst Shows His Angst About Cruz

By US Daily Review Staff.

If you were to watch Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and his effort to beat former Texas Solicitor General, Ted Cruz, you would think they were the only candidates running for the job, as seen in a recent attack ad.  It is true, if the race were held today it is likely there would be a runoff between Cruz and Dewhurst and it is likely that the rank and file conservatives would come out to help Cruz in that process. If Dewhurst is going to win, according to political pundits, it will have to be without a runoff.

The Cruz campaign is fighting back, offering the following from its website:

“David Dewhurst has finally realized what grassroots conservative Texans have known for months: Ted Cruz is the only thing standing in the way of the Lt. Governor achieving his dream—a new political title and more power.”

“A year ago, few believed Ted Cruz had a prayer of becoming the next U.S. Senator from Texas. David Dewhurst was considered the “inevitable” front-runner and proud representative of the establishment.”

“But in the past 15 months something remarkable has happened. Dewhurst’s support has plunged while support for Ted continues to surge.”

“Now the Lt. Governor is desperate, and desperate men do desperate things.” (Emphasis by Cruz)

“And desperate is the best way to sum up Dewhurst’s latest attack on Ted. Mr. Dewhurst is desperate for voters to think about anything other than his record of trying to force a new “wage” tax on Texans, using Enron-style accounting tricks to ‘balance the budget’, andincreasing spending $72 billion.

“So the question for Texans is what matters more, Dewhurst’s record of raising taxes and increasing spending in Texas, or the fact that Ted, in private practice, works for a law firm that represents one private company in a dispute with another private company?”

The Cruz campaign goes on to offer the following facts (emphases by Cruz):

  • “Ted works in the private sector as an appellate lawyer at a major law firm that represents clients on different sides of litigation. One of the clients of the firm is a tire company based in China. That private company was sued in a trademark dispute and hit with a judgment, and the firm was hired to handle the appeal. Contrary to Dewhurst’s claim, Ted did not represent the company at trial, and was not the company’s “trial lawyer.” And the appeal concerns technical issues like the court’s jurisdiction and the appropriate statute of limitations.”
  • “An appeal is an ordinary part of the legal process between two private parties, and legal proceedings are not concluded until the appeal has run its course. The purpose of the appellate process is to ensure that the correct legal rules were followed—that U.S. law was properly applied. This is what lawyers do—they represent clients, in the same great tradition of our nation’s history like John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and many others.”
  • “Earlier this year, Ted argued and won Global Tech v. SEB, a major intellectual property case before the U.S. Supreme Court against a Chinese company that had improperly copied and stolen U.S. intellectual property. The standard the Court adopted, at Ted’s urging, is designed to vigorously protect U.S. intellectual property from unscrupulous foreign companies.”
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