Australia Creates Amendments this New Year

By  Australia GSM, Special for  USDR

The New Year of 2016 brings along legal amendments that will directly affect the daily lives of Australian citizens. Following are a few important  changes:

  • Passports

Children between the ages of 16-17 will now be issued a passport valid for 10 years instead of the former 5 year passport, for the same price as an adult  passport.

  • New Nanny Subsidy  Program”

The two-year Nanny Pilot Program provides hourly subsidy for about 10,000 children to help families afford the services of a nanny. It will support families who have a hard time attaining child care services because of non-standard working hours, or location  barriers.

  • Retirement Accounts /  Taxes

The deductible amount from an individual’s defined benefit income streams (the tax free component) will be  limited.

  • Health

– 17 medications will come off the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and will be available for cheaper prices in order to save taxpayers$87 million a  year.

– In South Australia, the wait time for mental health patients awaiting treatment has been restricted to 24  hours.

  • Education

– From now on, school dropouts between the ages of 15-21, will be encouraged to study or work. They will need to meet the activity test requirements of 25 hours per week until they either get certified or turn  22.

– Student Loan Payment procedures will be modified; those who once enjoyed Australian Student Loans and now live elsewhere will still be able to pay the  same.

These changes and numerous others yet to come are bound to make life in Australia even  better.

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