Becoming the Recognized Media Authority in Your Industry

Special Report for US Daily  Review.

Are you a media authority?  Not the self-proclaimed “social media” authority that promotes yourself on every Facebook page or Twitter feed, but someone recognized by the media as an authority in your industry.  The advantages to this are  numerous:

  • Customers will come to you as the leader in your  industry
  • You will be able to easily raise your prices as you grow your  prestige
  • You can use the power of media to grow your SEO and reach (as your content is posted on authoritative websites through media  affiliations)
  • Using your media to profoundly open doors with those with whom you want to do  business.
  • Use your media credentials to engage with the billionaires, CEOs, bestselling authors, and famous entrepreneurs you want to work with in  business
  • Profoundly open the door with those you want as clients as you invite them to participate in your media, and much  more.

These days, everyone seems to have a podcast.  We are told it is “just like radio.”  Since there are so many doing podcasts, it takes a great deal of convincing that it is “as good” as traditional broadcast media. Meanwhile, there are few things more impressive than major market radio.  This is especially true when it is branded with one of the biggest names in news and is rebroadcast and podcast on many national news  sites.

Currently, a major market media company wants to work with business authorities in several areas — professional fields, consultants, coaches, and others.  Furthermore, they have partial sponsorship available and the tools to get your entire participation funded by others.  The sponsorship available is significant — for qualified participants.  In no time, you could be recognized as the media authority in your industry.  Participation could be as low as the price of a daily value meal from a fast food restaurant, and with their tools, you could be paying nothing at  all.

Interested?  Email the following to

  1. A link to your  website.
  2. A short bio (150 words or less). It should include your  industry.
  3. A short (a couple of sentences or short paragraph) on why you are a media  authority.
  4. Your target  customers.

If you seem qualified, the company will email you with more questions and explore the opportunity  further.

This is a very unique and powerful way to become recognized as the industry authority, to use the swagger of celebrity to grow your business, and to take your company to the next  level.

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