Behind the Scenes of Major Crimes

By Rob Kimmons, Special for  USDR

Rob Kimmons, of Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc., has released his new book, PI Revelations:  True Celebrity, Political and Cop Case Stories. The book reveals behind-the-scenes facts in some major nationally covered cases and  events.

The file cabinets of Kimmons Investigative Services, one of the largest PI firms in Texas, were recently cracked open and Rob’s memory tapped to bring to life details never before published, including famous names involved like Donald Trump, Ferdinand Marcos and Ross  Perot.

Famous stories like the Oklahoma City bombing even have some holes in the information released, including how Terry Nichols was located. In some cases, enough time has passed to allow disclosure, and in others the permission of law enforcement, even an involved now retired FBI agent, was given to reveal this  information.

A major takeaway from this book is that the public almost never hears all of the details of the cases and major events they follow in the news. Blaming that on the media isn’t the fit-all answer, as often the private investigators involved are denied the ability to reveal facts to the press or anyone. From non-disclosure agreements to law enforcement prohibitions and client confidentiality issues, many of the juiciest details remain hidden in the private investigation firm’s file  cabinets.

Over the years this PI firm worked on many high profile cases, from Donald Trump’s divorce work to investigating Ross Perot and searching for hidden assets of Ferdinand Marcos. Rob also worked famous murder cases, one perpetrated by a police officer, as well as the Patrick Dennehy murder  case.

Mr. Kimmons wanted to write this book in part to shed light on the real nature of private investigative work, as he is often approached by people who would like to enter the  business.

The book is a series of never before told true investigative case stories in five sections.  Short chapter introductions  here:

There is humor, some upsetting stories and a lot of dirty linen aired out in this book.  From buzzards circling while taking photos of the wife cheating with a cop on his picnic table, to locating the entire Democratic contingency of the Texas Legislature when they disappeared to avoid a vote, it is all the more interesting because it is all  true.

“I was personally and professionally involved in many of the case stories in this book and can attest that they’re all true and unvarnished.”  — Michael O’Brien, attorney and past Harris County District  Judge.

Kimmons Investigative Services,  Inc.

This firm is one of the largest in the state of Texas, with hundreds of high profile cases and major award lawsuit work in its files. Rob’s experience as a Houston Police Officer led to the formation of the company and staffing it with current and former law enforcement professionals. Their expertise is hired by clients that include many high profile attorneys. Clients want personal and personal and corporate surveillance, debugging, corporate due diligence, and evidence-gathering for major  lawsuits.

SOURCE Rob  Kimmons

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